Thai Massage Epping

A Few Massage Myths

Thai Massage Epping

People have been benefiting from massages for centuries. In one form or another massages are a tradition with a very long history, being recorded in ancient pictures and manuscripts.

Today’s massage achieves deep relaxation and promotes healing through manipulation of body tissue. The massage therapist who applies their skillful touch will help treat injuries and health problem. But there are a few myths that claim massage might do other things. These myths are best dispelled.

Are all massages the same? – There are many variations on massage, and even a specialist in one type of massage will vary the treatment according to the client’s needs. In some cases the massage aimed at healing will be combined with medical treatment. In some cases the massage is all that is required, if the therapist first tracks down the underlying cause of the problem. A bad neck might be caused by stress, or bad back posture. Massage offers considerable help for this. Or the neck problem might be the result of a dental issue, in which case both a dental consultation and a massage program will be needed.

Is massage only about manipulating muscles? – While muscles are certainly moved the massage will also stretch the fascia that connects the muscles, bones and organs. It will move fluids that connect joints, alleviate swelling and pain, and improve the flow of lymph which fights inflection. All this will improve healing.

Is Massage only about temporary relief? – There can be long termed and short term benefits of massage. Many people just enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Other clients use a series of massage sessions to retrain their muscles, improving posture and (over time) removing back issues.

Can massage help migraines? – Massage is often used in combination with other treatments to treat at least some types of migraines headaches. Tension in the neck can badly affect blood flow to the brain, leading to migraines. Or sometimes it is just plain stress.

Should we Interrupt a Massage therapist? – In the rare event that something is painful by all means speak up. This may provide an important clue to an aliment. Or at the very least the massage therapist can adjust their technique for this particular situation.

Thai Massage Epping

Massage may just be for relaxation or to help an ongoing issue. Many clients combine massage with medical treatment.


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