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Alpha Waves

Thai Massage Artarmon

It is good to be in a relaxed, yet focused state of mind when working. And it is good to sometimes be in a totally relaxed state of mind in order to recuperate from the activities of our daily lives. These different states of mind have been subject to a great deal of scientific study. And we now know that there is a strong correlation between the state of mind and the brain’s electromagnetic brainwaves.


A deeply relaxed state of mind produces alpha waves, though it has also been noted that these alpha waves can produce the deeply relaxed state of mind. These waves are vibration between 8-12 Hz.  This state of mind is meditation.

We do well to enter this Alpha state of mind. It is the type of brain function that lets us put our experiences together and sort ourselves out. We do something similar when we sleep, though for reasons not fully clear we seem to need both regular sleep and at least some regular meditation. The two states of mind and functions are similar, but not identical.

We can achieve an alpha state of mind through conscious meditation, or by relaxing with a massage. This help us keep ourselves together. We might also achieve meditation and alpha waves through audio devices that produce the sound of ocean waves or binaural beats that vibrate at the prerequisite 8-12 Hz.


Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage is good for us at many levels. It is worthwhile having a regular massage if only to feel more relaxed.


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