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Bed Bugs

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A decent night’s sleep is essential to our healthy. There are many factors that can disrupt our sleep, leading to constant daytime tiredness, poor thinking, absent mindedness, poor health and a compromised immune system. If we can remove anything that compromise sleep we will soon feel a noticeable improvement.

Bed buds are one factor that compromises sleep and long term health. These are tiny, stubborn insects that live in our bedding that feed on our blood and discarded skin. They are hard to see, but leave small red marks and rashes on our skin. Bed bugs will compromise our sleep simply by making us uncomfortable, so they should be eliminated.

Removing Bed Bugs:

  • A vacuum Cleaner will remove a lot of bed bugs and their eggs. Scrub the mattress and general area first with a stiff brush to loosen the, then thoroughly vacuum. Then dispose of the vacuum bag.
  • Put sheets/bedding in the freezer for a few hours, perhaps overnight. The bed bugs will not survive the cold.
  • Put the sheets/bedding through a hot wash and hang on the clothesline. The hot water in the wash will kill bedbugs. UV light from the Sun (when hung outside) will also disinfect sheets. A hot cloths drier is also effective.
  • Steam cleaners will also kill bed bugs.
  • A hot air drier (or a hot air gun used for electronics) will kill bed bugs on bedding, carpet and skirting boards. Vacuum afterwards.
  • Use pillow and mattress protectors. These are tightly woven cloths that prevent bugs from living inside the bedding. Leave these on for at least a year.
  • Spray the mattress and bedding with dilute Tea Tree Oil. This kills bugs, and smells quite good. Lavender Oil also works. Use this daily.
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a natural insect killer tat is not-toxic to humans and animals. Use this on and around beds. Use food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

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Make ever effort to stay healthy and live fully. This means looking after ourselves, eating well and exercise. Include regular massage to improve health and well-being.

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