Thai Massage Willoughby

Before the Thai Massage

Preparing for a Thai Massage Willoughby

If is an old idea that preparation is half the experience. If we want to achieve anything, or just enjoy ourselves, it is a considerable help to be prepared.

We can enjoy and benefit more from a massage Strathfield if we know what not to do beforehand.

Don’t sunburn – This is never a good thing. But a massage after a sunburn is akin to torture. Best to reschedule the massage appointment.

Don’t overdo the caffeine or energy drinks.

Part of the benefit of a massage it relaxation. This is difficult if we are pumped up on caffeine. Try herbal tea or plain water.

Don’t have a large meal

There will probably be pressure on your stomach when you have a Thai massage. This will cause discomfort if we have overeaten.

Don’t be overexerted

We do a lot of athletes. Thai Massage in Chatswood is great after training, but not straight away. Wait of few hours after training or playing a match. And if you have run a marathon, perhaps wait a day or two.

Don’t apply lotion or oil

It is a good idea to have a shower before a massage. But if you are in the habit of applying anything to your skin after a shower it is best to skip this before a massage. The therapist will apply massage oil. We don’t want different products to clash.

Avoid pain medication

This is usually only an issue for people who have a massage to help with their medical treatment. Massage is beneficial for relieving many pains, or the side effects of medical treatments. But if we block the pain with medication we cannot be sure of what the massage is doing to our body; we cannot communicate to the therapist if we are in pain if we cannot feel the pain ourselves. Save the medication till afterwards.

Make sure to use the bathroom before your appointment.

Our Golden Thai Massage Willoughby centre wants you to enjoy the best, most relaxing massage experience. Thai massage is known for its therapeutic benefits, which can help with sports training, medical assistance, physiotherapy, improved physical health, or just a simple way to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Thai Massage Willoughby knows that Life is best when we are healthy in body and mind. A relaxing massage can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle.


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