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Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Incredible stretching – This robust massage is excellent for both limbering up arms and legs for athletic performance, and for relieving muscle tension afterward. it has been used for generations by practitioners of Thai martial arts.
Improved Well-Being – A physically relaxing experience is good for our mind, it’s just plain relaxing. It has been shown to achieve better results than relaxation soundtracks, though we think meditation and other activities are good too.

Decrease stress – This is a physiological thing, it actually lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin level in the body. It’s not just all in the mind, it is the chemicals that strongly influence the mind.

Pain relief – many people with any number of medical conditions, from sore limbs to serious degenerative diseases, find they suffer less pain with regular massage.

Touch – Human beings respond to human touch from the moment they are born. People deprived of human touch at an early age have stunted growth and compromised emotional development. Regular human touch is connected to our well-being.

Delta Waves – This is the brain wave pattern of a relaxed mind that is open and free. it is a great state of mind to be in. we come out of delta waves feeling the same way as we do after a great night’s rest.

Behavioral Improvement for Autistic Children – Massage, perhaps through a combination of relaxation, brain waves, and human touch, provides some degree of behavioral improvement for Autistic/Asperger’s children.

Chatswood Thai Massage

Regular massage put us in a better position to deal with whatever experiences in life we encounter. By relax, sleep better, recover from exertion and live a better life with the massage.


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