Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage and the Immune System

Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage has a long history in many cultures. Both the practitioners and clients noticed its benefits, and the massage practices continued, and where refined and developed over the years.

Massage will

  • Reduced  muscle tension
  • Reduce the hormones now associated with stress
  • increase the  flexibility of joints
  • improve mobility especially in those who have previously experienced hampered mobility.
  • improve circulation
  • Reduces the occurrences and effects of insomnia
  • alleviates high blood pressure
  • reduction of scar tissue
  • improved recovery of any soft tissue injuries
  • Reduces the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression
  • Alleviates the nausea and fatigue in cancer patients
  • Massage can support women through the back pain associated with pregnancy
  • stimulates the lymphatic system which soothes the nervous system
  • A general sense of relaxation
  • Improve the immune system

Research indicates that massage increases the white blood cell count (T Lymphocytes). This helps the body fight infections, either bacterial or viral.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage can help prevent illness, or reduce the time take to recover from illness, by keeping us in good health and boosting the immune system.


Chatswood Thai Massage

Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Incredible stretching – This robust massage is excellent for both limbering up arms and legs for athletic performance,and for relieving muscle tension afterwards. it has been used for generations by practitioners of Thai martial arts.
Improved Well-Being – A physically relaxing experience is good our mind, its just plain relaxing. It has been show to achieve better results than relaxation soundtracks, though we think meditation and other activities are good too.

Decrease stress – This is a physiological thing, it actually lowers cortisol levels and increase serotonin level in the body. Its not just all in the mind, it is the chemicals that strongly influence the mind.

Pain relief – many people with any number of medical conditions, from sore limbs to serious degenerative diseases, find they suffer less pain with regular massage.

Touch – Human beings respond to human touch form the moment they are born. People deprived of human touch at an early age have stunted growth and compromised emotional development. Regular human touch is connected to our well-being.

Delta Waves – This is the brain wave pattern of a relaxed mind that is open and free. it is a great state of mind to be in. we come our of delta waves feeling the same way as we do after a great night’s rest.

Behavioral Improvement for Autistic Children – Massage, perhaps through a combination of relaxation, brain waves, and human touch, provides some degree of behavioral improvement for Autistic/Asperger’s children.

Chatswood Thai Massage

Regular massage put us in a better position to deal with whatever experiences in life we encounter. By relaxed, sleep better, recover from exertion and live a better life with massage.

Thai Massage Willoughby

Blue Light

Willoughby Thai Massage

A few modern day conveniences may work against us, at least if we are not careful. Many of us spend a significant part of the day looking at computer monitors, smartphone screens of other devices. These screen emit blue light, which has now been show to be harful to our eyes and general health.

Our eyes, if they are healthy, see all the colours of the visible spectrum, from red through to blue; think of the colours of a rainbow if you need to visualize the spectrum. Beyond this range, beyond blue, is the ultraviolet spectrum, which causes sunburn. Below it, below red, is infrared, which we feel as heat.

The blue light at the top of the spectrum and the ultraviolet beyond this is harsh on our eyes. Under normal conditions, in normal daylight, there is only a moderate amount of this light, so our eyes don;t suffer too much harm. But on bright sunny day there can be too much UV and blue light, so our eyes are straightened. Good quality polarized sunglasses remove most of this harmful glare, and should be worn in bright sunlight.

Computer screens emit more blue light than is good for us. Over long periods this harms our eyes. The blue light penetrates right to the back of the eye, where it can harm the light receptors. In the short term this is irritating. Eventually it causes eyesight problems as we age.

An addition problem with blue light is that it affects our circadian rhythms, our ability to stay away during the day and sleep at night. If we are exposed to blue light late in the day, say by using a smartphone before bed, then we will have considerable trouble sleeping. This leads to a terrible situation where we are tired during the day and unable to sleep at night.

Adding a blue blocking filter to a screen will remove most, perhaps all of the blue light. This prevents sleep problems. Some modern computers and devices (with windows 10) offer a screen option with the blue light removed. this looks to be quite effective, and is highly recommended.

Thai Massage Willoughby

Look to massage, exercise, a natural diet for healthy living. Life is better when we are fully functional.

thai massage artarmon thai massage

Thai Massage Artarmon

Thai Massage Artarmon

Get the Thai massage you need at Golden Tree Thai Massage in  Artarmon

Golden tree Massage Centre was founded to provide authentic and traditional Thai massage in a relaxing and peaceful environment. Over the years our massage therapists have steadily built a reputation as the premiere place for Thai massage We believe that massage is part of a healthy lifestyle, truly helping people live life in the best possible way.

Our special techniques work to clear energy blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body. We help alleviate stress, tension and muscle pain both by the use of the massage itself and the pristine and peaceful environment we provide for our clients.

Massage promotes optimal living. It doesn’t remove the problems we all experience in life, but it put us in a much better place to deal with what life throws at us. Thinking clearly and feel good after massage, we are able to change the thing that can be changed, and accept the inevitable things that cannot be changed.

Artarmon Thai Massage

The history of Thai massage is as old as thousands of years ago. It is a sacred form of massage that engages both the body and mind. The massage won’t be maximized unless both of these aspects are targeted. It combines acupressure massage techniques with deep stretching,  leaving the individual relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and with a strong inflow of positive energy. You can get a super rejuvenating Thai massage in Artarmon at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Sports Massage

Artarmon Thai Massage

If we want to improve our physical health, particularity build muscle, then we need both exertions and rest. We exert ourselves while we train, and hopefully build some skills in the process. then we give ourselves time to recover, so the muscle has a change to rebuild and become a little stronger. Failure to exercise and failure to have some recovery time means we will not improve.

We should wait at least 24 hours after exerting ourselves before we engage in any further exertion. Failure to do so means the muscle will not develop, and our training is wasted. And there is a chance that the further exertion may cause serious damage. Light exercise, like walking or stretching is fine after heavy exercise, but we should not further exert the muscles that we are trying to build, not for a day or two.
Massage is a great way to connect exertion and recovery. Massage helps us psychologically relax after a workout or sporting performance. And it physiologically helps the muscles relax so that they can recover and develop.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Make a regular massage part of your training. as well as helping you recover and develop muscle the massage will put you in a good state of mind. And it helps remind you that the sport and exercise is part of a larger perspective and lifestyle.

Artarmon Thai Massage

Artarmon Thai Massages

Artarmon Thai Massage

If you’re in Artarmon get Thai massage that relaxes you at the same time heals your whole immune system.

Traditional Thai Massage:
Gives a wide range of benefits to heal a range of discomforts and stress related disorders. This kind of massage is superb for treating headaches, shoulder and upper back tension, soft tissue and joint injury, digestion complaints, anxiety and many forms of insomnia. The completer massage treatment generally requires 90-120 minutes and includes massaging limbs, fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipients back, twists, and arching the recipient’s back in a rolling action.

Sessions that are shorter than the usual 90-minute sessions are possible. They can also give significant benefits. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Royal Thai Massage: Deep Thai Massage

Uses healing hands directly on a problem area. This massage type quickens the body’s healing process. The massage does this by improving circulation, relaxing the muscles, reducing stress hormones, releasing endorphins and stimulating the immune system. To enhance the massage staff uses balms and crèmes. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage. It’s specifically good for loosening tight muscles and reducing back pain, headaches, arm, hand, shoulder issues, cramping, nerve problems and improving blood circulation. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage:

Reflexology is an ancient art of healing. It focuses on the pressure points of an individual’s foot. These points can indirectly affect the nerves connection to the other organs of the body. Our treatment utilities moisturizing and nourishing cream with a combination of thumb, palm, and wooden stick massage particularly on the appropriate pressure points of the client’s feet and legs. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Some Weight Loss Insights

Some Weight Loss Insights

Thai Massage Westmead

Maintaining a healthy weight really helps us at so many levels. Obviously it’s healthy, and increases our life expectancy, but it’s worth it if only because we feel better, more alive and more able to enjoy life.
• Even nutritious food can cause weight gain. Keep portions under control. Still, it’s better to fill up on lettuce than on sugary foods.
• Eating late in the day may work against us. This is debated, but a late meal may disrupt sleep. And some claim we don’t burn off the late meal like we burn off an early meal.
• It’s had to go too far wrong with vegetables. Fill up on steamed vegetables, than add a little lean meat.
• Some medications cause weight gain. Talk to the doctor.
• Have your thyroid checked. This can cause weight gain and other problems like temperature regulation.
• Alcohol can interfere with weight loss.
• Not all kilojoules are equal. Healthy food may contain the same number of kilojoules as junk food, but it will keep us active and healthy, and more able to lose weight.
• Cardio and strength training goes a long way to weight loss. This is basically essential.
• Muscle weight more than fat, but is less bulky. And muscle helps us burn calories even when we are at rest. Try to add some muscle.
• Sleep is important at every level. If we don’t sleep we do not recover from exercise, and cannot put on muscle. Furthermore, lack of sleep can make us hungry and reduce our impulse control.
• Eating fat will (generally) not cause us to get fat. Many fats are healthy, especially if they are a natural part of the foods. Cut out sugar, not fat.
• Find out if you have an allergy. Anything from dairy to artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain, and cause poor thinking.
• Diet is a higher priority than exercise. We cannot really compensate for a bad diet.
• Monitor progress. Even a small improvement is encouraging.
• Fad diets are mostly rubbish, and their effects are fleeting. It’s about changing to a healthy lifestyle than makes life better.
• While some principle are universal, natural food being better than refined foods, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. You may have to tailor your approach. Consult a nutritionist.
• Stress is never really good. It causes weight gain and food cravings, as well as poor immunity. Stress can have many causes, including lack of achievement and lack of fulfilment, or being constantly busy for little reward.
• Find healthy snacks, like carrots, celery, nuts, and some fruit.
• Get hormones checked. This can cause all sorts of weight problems.
• Gut bacteria makes a big difference. If we have healthy gut bacteria we digest food well, and steadily lose weight, while feeling better.
• Weight loss tends to stop and start, and plateau off. Do not be discouraged. Look at the long term pattern.
• The method of eating for 8 hours and then fasting for 16 hours seems to work. It is a long term strategy, but eat during the early hours and fast from the evening till the next day.
• Emotional eating is a real issue. We find we eat to feel better. Difficult as it may be, find the underlying cause.
• Food craving last about 15 minutes. If we can hold out this long the craving will subside.
• Eat slowly. This seems to help us eat less and enjoy the food more.
• Add fibre and water. This fills us up, and keeps us healthy.
• There is no end of a diet. This is a new way of living, and new healthy lifestyle that is a better way of living.

Thai Massage Willoughby

Massage is part of being healthy. Stress reduction is reason enough to have a massage. This will also help with immunity and a healthy lifestyle.

Skin – Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris - massageArtarmon Thai Massage
Almost nobody has perfect skin. But most of us can have quite good skin if we take a little time and effort. This has long and short term benefits. In the short term the skin looks clearer. In the long term we slow down the signs of aging.
If we follow the basics of good health, eating well, exercise, good sleep, massage and meditation, then we will achieve at least some improvement with our skin. But a few skin conditions require some extra treatment.
Keratosis pilaris
One common skin condition is Keratosis pilaris. This is skin that forms red bumps or spots at the hair follicle, sometime called ‘chicken skin’. It most often appears on the back of the arms or the legs. While this is not harmful it is less than ideal, and some people are embarrassed by the look of these red areas. The condition can never be permanently removed, but ongoing treatments can greatly reduce the problem.

Keratosis pilaris
• Blue light devices will reduce the bacteria involved in keratosis (and acne). Devices are available online. 20 minutes twice per week is often enough. Remember to shield your eyes from the blue light.
• Sulphur soap will unclog the hair follicles, though the redness many persist for a while. This soap is very drying on the skin, so always moisturize afterward, and do not use on areas where you don’t need it.
• Coconut oil moisturizes and breaks down the blockage in hair follicles. This is good for using after sulphur soap.
• Emu oil is another good moisturizer, and breaks down clogs in follicles. It also improves circulation. The only downside is that it will make the skin feel cold for about half an hour.
• Allergies can aggravate or cause skin conditions. Consider an allergy test. Common culprits are dairy and gluten.
• Low inflammation foods can help. Eat turmeric, leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil.
• Retinol is a topically applied treatment that speeds up cell turnover in skin. Prescription strength retinol can rally help treat keratosis, though this may not be cheap.

Thai Massage Artarmon
Regular massage will benefit our immune system, circulation, mental balance and general health. Schedule a regular massage today.

Massage – Who and When

Massage Who and How Often 10

Massage Who and How Often

Massage – Who and When

Thai Massage Artarmon
Everybody benefits from a massage, because a massage promotes good health and good health is for everybody. Then again, some people benefit more than others, and many people like to schedule more frequent massages when they are stressed, training, pregnant or undergoing other forms of therapy. Of course many of us like a massage simply because it feel good.

Of course pregnancy takes a physical and emotional toll on the individual. Hormones and other biological changes are certainly a huge adjustment. But even the added weight of the unborn child is enough to cause physical problems and stress; joints will ache and the back will be strained.
Twice a week massages will help expecting mothers to deal with their pregnancy, reducing the stain on their health.

Work Stress
All work all day put stress and strain on the individual in ways that are hard to define and just as hard to deal with. This is even worse if the problems goes unnoticed, which may be the case if the stress creeps up on us slowly.
Massage will get rid of that tight neck and tendency to hunch over as if you are still sitting at the computer desk.
A once a week massage will remind us that our careers are part of our life rather than their defining trait.

Sleep disorders like Insomnia
It is still debatable if insomnia is a symptom or a cause of problems, though we all agree that matters get worse if we can’t sleep. Poor sleep means poor thinking and memory.
A weekly massage can both relax the body and produce the right hormones for a better nights rest.

Athletic Training
A weekly massage is beneficial for training athletes. Not only will it help muscles recover I order to encourage growth, the good feeling of massage seems to motivate many to follow their training programmes.

Chronic Pain
Weekly to twice weekly massage can help those with arthritis, back injuries or other forms of ongoing pain. This reduces the irritability, depression, mental health strain and poor concentration.

Artarmon Thai Massage

Massage help keep us in good health, and helps us deal will healthy problems. This mean being in a better positions to deal with life, and hopefully enjoy our lives.

Warm in Winter

Thai Massage Burwood

Some individuals are under the impression that they should avoid a massage in the winter. But this a misconception. There are many benefits to massages in the colder climates, especially with hot oil massages. Even a regular massage will improve blood circulation and benefit muscle function. Thai traditional massage will using stretching to enhance circulation. Hot oil massage goes further with the benefits of the oil’s heating properties, which can be both thermally and chemically warming.

Post Work Out Artarmon Thai Massage

If we train for competitive sports or are simply trying to keep in shape by jogging, then massage is of notable benefit. According to many fitness experts regular massage will help us reap the maximum benefits from our physical training, especially with resistance training. A deep massage after an intense workout will help enlarge the muscles, growing new mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells. This means massage helps provide energy.

Massage helps recovery after exercise, and helps us keep a healthy psychological attitude. It can certainly reduce soreness and stiffness after a workout, help us sleep, but perhaps best of all it can help us feel motivated for the next exercise session.