Watering Down the Truth

Golden Tree Massage – Watering Down the Truth

A few generations ago people drank a fair amount water because it was part of their diet. The other options were tea, or occasionally coffee and alcoholic drinks.

In the 20th century alternatives to water like soft drinks and fruit juice become common. And while there was some water in these drinks people tended to drink less plain water.

In the late 1980s the health experts and their imitators started to tell us how much healthier we would be if we only drank more water. As water was supposedly free from the tap many people took to this advice. People continued to drink more water as the bottled variety replaced tap water.

Whether more water is healthier, and whether the 8 glasses per day recommendation is accurate, remains debatable. Part of the issue is that people think they can just add more water to a poor diet and expect significant improvements. Adding water probably is good. But we need to start getting rid of added sugar and processed food too.

Individual Water requirements

Water requirement change due to exercise, a hot environment and individual height/weight. 2 litres a day isn’t a bad estimate, but you might need more depending on your lifestyle. If you are exercise it is good to keep a water bottle handy.

Water Health Toxins

Dubious Advice columns tell us that water flushes toxins out of our body. This a half-truth; it is the kidneys that flush out toxins, but they require water to do this properly. A lack of water will make it difficult for the human body to properly flush out toxins.

Yet water flushing out our system is complex. Too much pure water can remove all the micronutrients that we need to be healthy. Individuals drinking pure water, either distilled or from High Mountain regions, will feel lethargic after a few days because they lack essential body nutrients.

Other problems have occurred when people drink too much water and too little salt. Joggers are especially prone to this. The lack of salt will cause the person to collapse.

Water and Teeth

Drinking water will help clean teeth and prevent bad breath. Unfortunately, the trend of adding lemon to the drinking water is causing problems. The lemon is acidic and causes serious damage to teeth. Stick to clean water and perhaps green tea.

In summary

  • Drink reasonably clean water.
  • Water is only part of the diet. eat healthy food
  • You need at least some salt in the diet. Too much water depletes salt levels.
  • Do not add lemon to all your drinking water. If you do drink lemon, once per day then drink and gargle pure water afterward to clean your teeth.

Thai massage Burwood

If you are doing aerobics, yoga, Pilates or going for a massage we suggest drinking water earlier in the day. All things that are beneficial for our health are best when combined with other healthy practices. 


Artarmon Thai Massage

Artarmon Thai Massage

There are many benefits of a massage.

  • Massages boost your immune system.
  • Massages improve circulate in your body.
  • The improved circulation and health steadily remove toxins form the body.
  • Massage reduces mental and emotional stress. This does not remove problems from our life but it certainly helps us deal with them.
  • Massage can relieve depression.
  • Massage improves the mind / body connection. We can feel more alive and think clearly.
  • Massage increases energy. Of all the diets, fads and practices that claim to increase energy (perhaps with some success) this is the easiest to follow. Just relax and have a massage.
  • Massage can improves sleep. This makes a difference to every area of our life.
  • Massage can relieve headaches.
  • Massage can relieve muscle pain
  • Massage can significantly reduce inflammation.
  • Massage can help us recover from exercise and exertion from sport.
  • Massage can help us look younger, improving skin
  • Cancer patients find massage helps them deal with side effects of medications and treatments, as well as help them sleep better.

Thai Massage Artarmon

A weekly or twice weekly massage makes all the difference to our health. Live life I the best health and the best mindset possible.


Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips.

It is possible to be healthy and content while still being a little overweight, but generally we are better off when close to our ideal body weight. Sometimes this seems easier said than done.

A few weight loss tips from the latest journalism include:

  • Eat natural food rather than processed. This is pretty basic, but also fundamental. Getting rid of the additives and preservative in food makes all the difference.
  • Drink plenty of water. If we mistake thirst for hunger we will put on weight.
  • Eat mindfully, If we eat in front of the Television on in many social situation we just keep on eating without noticing the amount. Eat slowly, really taste the food and be aware of the process.
  • Plant based smoothies can replace ice cream and yogurt, and help us lose weight.
  • Green tea is healthy and seems to help weight loss.
  • Make sandwiches with only one layer of bread.
  • Use smaller plates, and find that you eat less.
  • Avoid sit-ups and do squats instead. Sit-ups risk spinal damage, and achieve little. Squats benefit core and leg muscles.
  • Eat five to nine serving of fruit and vegetables per day.
  • If half of your lunch or dinner plate is vegetables you are about right.
  • Put several serving of vegetables and fruit in a blender and drink in the morning Include celery, cucumber, spinach, kale and fruit like pineapple or blueberries for flavouring.
  • Many so called ‘Health’ bars are full of sugar. Avoid.
  • Eat eggs. They don’t affect cholesterol, but are healthy in many ways.
  • Getting up early seems to correlate with healthier eating. Get some early morning Sun.
  • Sleeping in a dark room helps us rest and helps us with weight loss.
  • Look to see if there are emotional patterns to over eating.
  • Eat protein throughout the day. Many of us don’t eat protein at breakfast.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per half cup of white rice and render more than half the calories indigestible.
  • Eat dark (70% cocoa) chocolate.

A healthy lifestyle means we enjoy life more and for longer. Eat well, exercise, be spiritual, socialize, and have a regular massage.


Thai Massage Chatswood

Thai Massage Chatswood
Massage works in a universal way to fix many different aspects of our lives. The idea is that massage gets the body functioning at an optimal level so that it can deal with stress, injury, illness, psychological change and everything else we encounter in the best way possible. If we are healthy it is easier to deal with life and what it throws at us.
There are others ways to improve our ability to cope with the world and enjoy life. Meditation helps many people. Exercise and diet can also make a huge difference. One good idea is adding a few appropriate herbs or supplements to our diet.
Ginseng is an adaptogen that is great for many aspects of our health. It boosts our immune system and gives a steady supply of energy. Unlike any stimulant this energy is not a quick burst followed by a crash; ginseng is about endurance. It also helps mental functioning.
Ginseng helps us function optimally, both physically and mentally. It should be avoided before bed.
Green Tea has become popular in the Western World over the last generation or two. It contains a mixture of L-theanine and caffeine which are great for mental functioning. The combination of these two components provide mild mental stimulation and calm focus. Green tea also contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.
Anything that benefits sleep will benefit our health. Try getting some early morning Sun. This resets our circadian rhythm to help us sleep at night. Also look at anything that effects breathing. We should breathe through our nose and not snore. Consider nasal strips (online at eBay) and mouthguards. Talk to a dentist about night breathing.
Melatonin helps us sleep. We can get this on prescription or by blending and drinking a cup of cherries (frozen cherries are a reasonable option).

Massage Chatswood
Book a regular massage and be better adapted to the life you live. Combine this with a healthy diet, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle and live life at an optimal level.




Thai Massage, Carlingford

All massage involves pressure on the human body, designed to relieve tension and soreness and generally restore the body to better natural functioning.

Thai massage dates back over two thousand years. Traditionally claimed to be another creation of Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, the father of this medicine, history actually suggest influences from Chinese, Indian and other Asian practices. Yet the Thai approach is different, following the ‘sen’ lines of the body to address issues and produce results. And unlike many other forms of massage which are conducted in private, Thai massage is often performed in groups with a dozen masseuse and clients.


A full two hour treatment, or even a short treatment, can be beneficial for:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Asthma
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Joint injuries
  • Physical and Emotional Tension
  • Flexibility problems.
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Digestion Complaints
  • Shoulder pain
  • Anxiety,
  • Insomnia

Enjoy Thai Massage, Carlingford

For a Thai massage Carlingford is catered to by Golden Tree Massage. Enjoy a traditional or royal Thai massage for healing, or just for generally feeling better.