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A few modern day conveniences may work against us, at least if we are not careful. Many of us spend a significant part of the day looking at computer monitors, smartphone screens of other devices. These screen emit blue light, which has now been show to be harful to our eyes and general health.

Our eyes, if they are healthy, see all the colours of the visible spectrum, from red through to blue; think of the colours of a rainbow if you need to visualize the spectrum. Beyond this range, beyond blue, is the ultraviolet spectrum, which causes sunburn. Below it, below red, is infrared, which we feel as heat.

The blue light at the top of the spectrum and the ultraviolet beyond this is harsh on our eyes. Under normal conditions, in normal daylight, there is only a moderate amount of this light, so our eyes don;t suffer too much harm. But on bright sunny day there can be too much UV and blue light, so our eyes are straightened. Good quality polarized sunglasses remove most of this harmful glare, and should be worn in bright sunlight.

Computer screens emit more blue light than is good for us. Over long periods this harms our eyes. The blue light penetrates right to the back of the eye, where it can harm the light receptors. In the short term this is irritating. Eventually it causes eyesight problems as we age.

An addition problem with blue light is that it affects our circadian rhythms, our ability to stay away during the day and sleep at night. If we are exposed to blue light late in the day, say by using a smartphone before bed, then we will have considerable trouble sleeping. This leads to a terrible situation where we are tired during the day and unable to sleep at night.

Adding a blue blocking filter to a screen will remove most, perhaps all of the blue light. This prevents sleep problems. Some modern computers and devices (with windows 10) offer a screen option with the blue light removed. this looks to be quite effective, and is highly recommended.

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Look to massage, exercise, a natural diet for healthy living. Life is better when we are fully functional.


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