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Neck and Shoulder Massage

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Neck and shoulder issues are probably the most common complaint in the massage industry. There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had a sore neck/shoulder at least once in their life. So massage therapist have learnt through experience the best ways to deal with the various neck and shoulder problems.

While we might label the neck and shoulders as just two things there are actually many interacting muscles in this area of the body, and many more muscles connected to the various neck and shoulder muscles. Subsequently, there are many potential issues, because any of these muscles might be causing the problem. It is important to find the specific problem, to find the right treatment. At the same time, massage can be beneficial even if the underlying cause is not known.

It is easy to forget how interconnected our bodies are. A problem in one part of the body can mean a pain in another part of the body. There are people who eventually find that a pain in one side of the neck or shoulder is caused by one leg being longer than the other. The uneven legs caused them to stand on an angle, with a crooked neck. Other people find that a neck and should pain was caused by a dental issue. They habitually clenched one side of their mouth, or had a slightly off-centre jaw that eventually led to neck issues.

Massage is recommended for any pain. It is also recommended for mental health, and as just a way to feel good. But if there is a medical condition that leads us to seek a massage therapist then the medical condition must be addressed too. Massage will always help with the symptoms of the underlying problem. In cases of stress, fatigue or some injuries it will also help treat that underlying problem. But in some cases massage is best combined with other forms of therapy.

In a few cases a neck or shoulder issue is caused by bad habits, such as poor standing posture or sitting incorrectly. This is common in today’s society as we often spend long hours using computers or sitting at desks doing office work. Past generations had different problems, often caused by heavy manual labor. Moderate exercise and minimal time spent sitting will help reduce at least some neck and shoulder issues. It is unfortunate that many occupations require us to sit at a desk for most of the day. Massage can help reduce the effects of restricted physical activity.

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Neck or shoulder pain? Stress? or maybe an injury? Massage helps reduce pain, and help the body recover.

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Injury & Massage

Injuries and Thai Massage Willoughby

Sports and work injuries are unfortunate. And while safety precautions may reduce the occurrence and severity of injuries, there will always be a few sprains and inflamed limbs to deal with. These can be effectively treated by combining massage with physical therapy.

When treating injuries, integrated massage and physiotherapy can speed up recovery, and reduce discomfort. Both of these techniques aim to reduce inflammation while improving mobility, circulation and muscle function. This is a holistic approach delivering short term and long term benefits.

Comparing and Combining Massage and Physiotherapy

Both massage and physiotherapy use manual manipulation to treat tissue inflammation. But one significant difference is that physiotherapy works the entire musculoskeletal system. Massage concentrates on soft tissues, tendons and muscles. And while physiotherapy is used almost exclusively to treat an injury or congenital condition the massage treatment is often used by healthy individuals for physical or mental benefits. Massage can keep us healthier, perhaps preventing injuries.

Thai Massage Willoughby Improving Flexibility

If the soft tissues of your body are tight or inflamed then you will suffer some restricted movement. You may have trouble bending over, throwing a ball, reaching above a certain height, or even finding a comfortable position when sleeping. In some extreme situations we might find it difficult to walk or stand straight. This type of restricted movement can lead to an accident. Massage can boost the flexibility of the body and limbs. This gives us better control, reducing the risk of accidents.

Scar Tissue and Thai Massage Willoughby

Our body will form scar tissue around an injury. This, depending on the location of the injury, can lead to tightness, pain, swelling and restricted movement. Both massage and physiotherapy can break up scar tissue , reducing the tightness, pain, movement restriction, and other symptoms.

Just the fact that massage improves blood circulation goes a long way to healing injuries. The oxygen and nutrients delivered by the blood help with stiffness and tension.

Perhaps the best short term benefit of massage is helping the muscles to relax. This simply help us to feel better, and reduce the discomfort of any injury.

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Massage is beneficial for general health, and helps us if we are injured. Combine massage with other medical treatments for faster recovery.

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Healthy Living

Thai Massage Willoughby Advice

It is easy to let life’s stresses overwhelm us. Nobody wants or recommends this. Instead, we should take some pleasure in living, and in our interaction with others. If we can find ways to live that are happier and healthier we should find that we actually get more done because we are in a better, more effective, more efficient frame of mind.

Exercise – This has been known for centuries. We feel better and sleep better if we get exercise during the day. The issue with most people is motivation. Sometimes it can help if we use exercise to avoid other work; exercise is a means of procrastination. Another trick is to remind ourselves just how good exercise can make us feel afterward.
If we plan our exercise the night before, set out our clothes, make a contingency plan if the weather changes, and anticipate the situation, it helps us to get motivated.

Gratitude – It is easy to notice the problems. But this is an inaccurate view of our life and the world. If we are in good health, there are usually more positives than negatives. And if there are negatives, we must remind ourselves that they are usually not permanent. Most things will pass.
Appreciate the things you have.

Stay Connected – We are all social creatures. If we try to live in isolation then we deprive ourselves of fundamental human needs. Stay connected to others. Social media isn’t too bad, but face-to-face contact is far better. Spend time with children, and soak up some of their sense of wonder about the world.

Look At The Bigger Picture – We can tend to have two modes of thinking. One is focusing on the task at hand. The other is seeing the big picture, giving a sense of our whole life and the whole world. It is easy to get stuck on the task at hand, only to realise later that the big picture might have given some perspective that would have helped.

Sleep Well – This is admittedly difficult for some of us. But poor sleep will compromise every aspect of our mental and physical health
Insomnia is an issue for many people. But it can help if we abstain from phones and computer devices for an hour before bed. The blue light they produce will keep us awake. Keeping a regular schedule, waking and sleeping at the same time, and getting some early morning sunlight as soon as we get up, make a big difference.

Massage – This is a great way to relax and be healthier at the same time. A massage will improve our mental and physical health, making it easier to handle life’s difficulties.

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Live to your potential and enjoy your life. Have a regular massage to help keep you in better shape, ready to tackle the world’s challenges.

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Improve Mental Health

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Irrespective of whether we have caught the Covid virus our mental health has been strained during the time of lockdown, and even in the milder restrictions that follow. There can be lingering anxiety or depression following an illness or drastic life change. This can last anywhere from a few months to three years.

We can improve our mental health with some basic practices. And when our mental health is better we are better equipped to deal with difficulties and changes in life.

Embrace Discomfort – There is some energy in anxiety, a little like anticipation, or stage fright. We can use this to fuel some ambition and change. Think of anxiety as a spark between where we presently are and where we would prefer to be. Use discomfort as the energy to get you to where you would prefer to be.

Setbacks – The old cliché was that a crisis was both an opportunity and a danger. The truth is a little plain. The word means danger and change. But this is still good advice. If we are setback by anything in life, then we need to reconsider the situation and start doing things differently. This may mean getting out of a rut. Or creatively finding a new approach to the situation.

Acceptance and comparisons – If we compare ourselves to others we will judge ourselves poorly. There will always be others who seem better off according to their Facebook page, and some of these really are individuals who are doing well. But forget comparisons and do what you feel is responsible and right. Accept who you are, and look at being the best version of yourself possible.

Personal Life – It is a mistake to think that is totally focused on work is being responsible. It is really being lopsided. Unless you are one of those rare individuals who makes a living from his hobby you need private time and social time with family and friends. We perform better at work when we have a balanced social life.

Remember Past Triumphs – If life seems overwhelming, then remember past times when life seemed overwhelming. You got through it them, you can almost certainly find a way to do it in the present circumstance. Even if you just remember getting to the next level of a video game, think about events in the past where you improved over time.

Tackle Bits and Pieces – If you can divide large problems up and solve them one piece at a time, then do this. You will soon find that the problem is half solved, and seems easier to deal with.

Be Less Self Focused – It is an old piece of advice, but giving yourself to the care of others helps us become less neurotic. This is because a neurotic mindset is self-centred and small-minded. If we look at our place in the big picture we get past at least some problems.

Breath and Stretch – Basic body exercises will help us have a clear headspace. Slow, even breathing, stretching our back, massaging our feet – this gives our mind a soft reset.

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A massage will help keep us in the best physical and mental health. This puts us in a better position to deal with life’s problems, while also enjoying life a little more. Make a regular massage part of your life plan.



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Life, Mind and Stress

Considering Thai Massage Concord

Our mind and body are very much intertwined. Perhaps it is a very human error to draw a simple distinction between them. What affects one will almost always affect the other. So it makes sense to look after both. And it makes sense to address physical problems by including a mental approach, and to address any mental problems by including physical approach.

Stress is an example of a phenomena that we experience physically and mentally. When we are stressed we feel the mental tension, find our thinking compromised, and become narrowminded yet easily distracted. A the same time we feel the physical effects, the clenched muscles, the increased heartbeat, the slight or not so slight jittery feeling. This is unhealthy, robbing us of energy and compromising our immune system. It makes sense to reduce stress whenever possible.

Dealing with Stress

Take Mindful Rests Breaks – There are two main mindsets, the closed mindset where we concentrate on a particular thing, and the open mindset where we are aware or our surroundings and the bigger picture. It is useful to have the closed mindset when concentrating and getting things done, but this can become stressful and limiting. It is limiting because we can get stuck in a rut. It helps to step outside this closed mindset even hour or so.

Many of us have had the experience of figuring out a problem when having a shower, or relaxing in some way. This is because we are letting our mind wander, and looking at problems from many angles. Mindful rests are like this.

Close your eyes, become aware of your body, relax your shoulders, breath deeply, evenly and slowly. Be aware of the space around you. drink tea if you feel this helps.

Embrace Massage – This is perhaps the best way to connect the mental and physical. A massage will help us feel connected and attuned to our body. This improves our immune system and helps us think clearly, allowing us to be preform better and be more productive. Best of all, massage requires little effort from us.

Sleep – Without decent sleep everything else is compromised. If we improve our sleep we find everything else in our life gets at least a little, perhaps a lot, better. Avoid electronic devices (computer and phones) for an hour before sleeping, try some relaxing music or medication recordings. Warm milk and a hot bath can help.

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Keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy means living a better life. Good health includes regular massage.


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Getting On Top of Life

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The working week and other commitments can take a toll on our well-being. Our recent experiences of most people being in lockdown also take a toll, in a rather different way. The positive side of this is that we appreciate a return to a more normal routine. But in all cases, some good habits and mental attitude adjustments can benefit our enjoyment of life.

Those of us who were unfortunate enough to suffer the actual Covid-19 virus, and not just the social side effects that dealt with the virus, may suffer lingering depression and anxiety for several years after the main illness has cleared up. This was common with those who suffered similar illnesses with SARS and MERS. A changed approach to life can help get us past this issue.

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Use Anxiety to Motivate and Change – We tend to think of anxiety as something to avoid. And there is some truth to this. But the process of avoiding anxiety, and getting past the problems that cause it, can really drive us to get things done. Anxiety is the response that comes from having a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Turn this into energy, and get a lot closer to where you want to be.

Setbacks As Preparation Time – It is frustrating to have our goals and projects put on hold. But we can view this as time out for assessment and planning. It is easy for our lives to become routine and automatic living. If we are forced outside this pattern we may also be forced to be more creative or simply reassess our regular lives.

Personal Life – We all have work and family commitments. But we will be better at fulfilling these commitments if we are in a good frame of mind. And a well-adjusted personal life goes a long way to getting a good frame of mind.
One trick recommended by an older audience is to get up early, before anybody else, and spend 30 minutes reading with a cup of tea/coffee; some people just meditate. Even if the rest of the day is hectic, this is enough to keep us balanced.

Think of Others – We can become neurotic if we are self-centred. Or at least we cannot get past the neuroses that we already have. But the age-old advice on giving to charity to get past your own confined world actually works. Connect with others, be empathetic, and give for the sake of giving.

Massage – Regular massage improves our immune system, and our mental health, and has many other benefits. This will directly not solve life’s problems, but it puts us in the right frame of mind for solving problems. And life feels better.

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Our general well-being is a huge part of our lives. Have a regular massage to improve your mental and physical health.

Mental Health

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The extended disruption to our usual routine, caused by the Pandemic lockdown, is something of a strain on our mental health. Humans are meant to be active and social. It is difficult to do these things if we are unable to get out of the home. So we tend to find ourselves ill-adjusted.

We all understand how important it is to keep our bodies healthy, even those of us who tend to neglect our diet and exercise. Our mental health is just as important. And it is strongly connected to our physical health. If we eat poorly and do not exercise our mental health suffers. If we neglect our mental health our physical health, perhaps as a compromised immune system, suffers. So we need to look after our physical and mental health.

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Diet – Eat a healthy diet, including fermented foods for good gut bacteria. Keep alcohol to a minimum, and avoid junk food. We will think and sleep better with a healthy diet.

Sleep – A consistent sleep schedule makes all the difference to our health. We need a sufficient number of hours (usually 7 for most people) and it needs to be at the same time of the night/day. If we fall out of the regular schedule it takes several days to fully recover. If jet-lagged we can adjust about 90 minutes of lost sleep per day.

Exercise – At the very least do some walking. They find some activity that causes you to sweat.

Limit technology use – Our ancestors, even people in the 1990s, do not live on social media. We can thrive on a lot less screen time. Do not use a phone for an hour before sleep. Lockdown means that Skype/zoom are useful for socialising, but these are only a substitute for the real thing.

Do something enjoyable – If we have a hobby, preferably something creative, then do some of this every day. Watching TV does not count as a hobby.

Do something new – This prevents stagnation. Bake a new type of cake, try writing, start and complete a DIY project, or just learn a skill.

Meditation – This goes a long way to lowering stress. If you are new to this, find an mp3 or YouTube video designed to help with meditation.

Comedy – Anything that helps us laugh in good conscious, not in malice or cruelty, is good for us. Old classic cartoons are good for this.

Sunlight – we need this more than most people realise. Get at least a few minutes of sunlight in the morning when you wake. This wakes us, increases vitamin D, and helps us sleep 16 hours later.

Coffee, and chocolate in the early morning seem to boost mental energy.

Break routine – Even if it means eating breakfast in the front garden, do something a least a little unusual.

Be generous – Giving to others really seems to make us happy, or at least not feel useless when we are frustrated and down. Give the gift that the other person likes/wants/needs.

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Massage can help keep us physically and mentally healthy. It helps when we are ill, but also helps keep our health optimal.

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How to Deal With Lockdown and Winter?

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It is hard to drag ourselves out of bed during winter. The fact that we are in lockdown again, and probably working from home doesn’t help motivation, though it might mean sleeping in instead of getting up early to go to the office. But most of us have the experience of really not wanting to face the day after a week of staying at home in cold weather. Let’s face it, staying in the home offers no surprises and no reason not to stay in bed.

It helps if:

Accountability – If we live with others then we have some reason to get up. Need to cook breakfast for the kids, do something for the significant other? If we get out of bed 5 minutes before them then we can make them feel bad for being lazy..

Night Before Preparation – Have your clothes ready by the bed for when you get up. Have a breakfast pre- prepared from the night before. Have something to look forward to in the morning.

Heater timers – Set the timer for 30 minutes before you rise, so you at least get up in a warm room.

Light timers – If bright lights come on at the same time as the morning alarm then we tend to wake up. Sometime Sunlight through the window is best.

Pre-warmth – If you habitually wear long-johns during the day, then wear them to bed the night before. This way they are already warm from body heat when you get up. Change and wash them at least every other day.

Massage – We miss human contact when isolated, and we suffer stress from so many things in our life. If a massage helps us sleep well then we may find it easier to wake.

Reminding on Why – Tell yourself why you need to get up in the morning, there are things to do. Remind yourself of this the night before so as to get the right frame of mind.

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Find the ways to live your life at its best. Healthy and good habits combine well with regular massage.

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Massage Cupping

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Cupping is a very old technique used in some forms of massage. It dates back many centuries.
Cupping is though to be useful for improving flexibility, lossening facia and for generally improving the effects of other massage techniques.
The Technique Itself
The massage therapist will place several cups over areas of the body, and then remove the oxygen from the cups wiht either a pump or by either burning it with a candle. This creates a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup. Blood wil rise to the surface of the skin, perhaps drawing toxins out of the body in the process.
The vacuum cup is left on the body long enought to create a pink or red welt. This will take several days to fade. The process can be painful , but it will help alieviate many physical ailments.
The Benefits
Cupping can benefit acute pain, and improve physical movement. It decreases msucle tightness, adn can work to decease the fascia tightness around the muscle, even when other techniques prove ineffective.
There is minimal scientific evidence to support the benefits of cupping. But anecdotal evidence shows it is effective.

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Massage is popular with many people. Use it to help recover from sports training, to treat a medical condition, of simply to feel healthy and relaxed.

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What Massage Can Do For Neck Pain?

Neck Pain – Burwood Thai Massage

A pain in the neck is a common metaphor for anything we find troubling. Anybody who has suffered a pain knows how applicable this metaphor is.

About 15% of the population literally suffers neck pain. This can be caused by a variety of things, from bad habits like poor posture, sitting poorly in front of a computer screen, or Carrying heavy loads the wrong way, to more serious aliments like arthritis or impact accidents. Whatever the cause the pain is a constant nuisance.

Willoughby Thai Massage

Regular massage aims to keep us free from pain, and make us a bit healthier in the process. At the very least a massage can alleviate the pain we might feel in our neck, and in some cases it can help cure the underlying cause of that pain.
Initially a massage may exacerbate the symptoms of neck pain. But gentle massage to the body, including the back, head and chest, proves to reduce the pain.

Massage can also keep our joints limber and improve circulation, so we are less inclined to habitually sit or stand in the same manner. If we can break our bad habits we may remove the cause of many neck-aches. This is much more effective than a painkiller, which only removes the symptoms, perhaps letting us continue the bad habit that caused the problem in the first place.
If we have already suffered a serious injury then regular massage can speed up the recovery.

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Suffering any ailment? A regular massage relives the symptoms and speeds up recovery time. feel better with a regular massage.