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Massage Cupping

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Cupping is a very old technique used in some forms of massage. It dates back many centuries.
Cupping is though to be useful for improving flexibility, lossening facia and for generally improving the effects of other massage techniques.
The Technique Itself
The massage therapist will place several cups over areas of the body, and then remove the oxygen from the cups wiht either a pump or by either burning it with a candle. This creates a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup. Blood wil rise to the surface of the skin, perhaps drawing toxins out of the body in the process.
The vacuum cup is left on the body long enought to create a pink or red welt. This will take several days to fade. The process can be painful , but it will help alieviate many physical ailments.
The Benefits
Cupping can benefit acute pain, and improve physical movement. It decreases msucle tightness, adn can work to decease the fascia tightness around the muscle, even when other techniques prove ineffective.
There is minimal scientific evidence to support the benefits of cupping. But anecdotal evidence shows it is effective.

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Massage is popular with many people. Use it to help recover from sports training, to treat a medical condition, of simply to feel healthy and relaxed.

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What Massage Can Do For Neck Pain?

Neck Pain – Burwood Thai Massage

A pain in the neck is a common metaphor for anything we find troubling. Anybody who has suffered a pain knows how applicable this metaphor is.

About 15% of the population literally suffers neck pain. This can be caused by a variety of things, from bad habits like poor posture, sitting poorly in front of a computer screen, or Carrying heavy loads the wrong way, to more serious aliments like arthritis or impact accidents. Whatever the cause the pain is a constant nuisance.

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Regular massage aims to keep us free from pain, and make us a bit healthier in the process. At the very least a massage can alleviate the pain we might feel in our neck, and in some cases it can help cure the underlying cause of that pain.
Initially a massage may exacerbate the symptoms of neck pain. But gentle massage to the body, including the back, head and chest, proves to reduce the pain.

Massage can also keep our joints limber and improve circulation, so we are less inclined to habitually sit or stand in the same manner. If we can break our bad habits we may remove the cause of many neck-aches. This is much more effective than a painkiller, which only removes the symptoms, perhaps letting us continue the bad habit that caused the problem in the first place.
If we have already suffered a serious injury then regular massage can speed up the recovery.

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Suffering any ailment? A regular massage relives the symptoms and speeds up recovery time. feel better with a regular massage.

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How Can I Alieviate Depression?

Depression – Artarmon Thai Massage

Depression affect a large minority of individuals at some point in their life. Perhaps 20% of individuals suffer depression for an extended period. Other individuals find themselves having to support a family member with depression. It is a serious issue.

Depression is often misunderstood. It is not the sense of loss when somebody dies; it is distinct from sadness, or being miserable. Depression is feeling nothing at all, except perhaps that there is no point to life.

Depression can be chemical in nature, or it can be related to lifestyle. And these two factors are not mutually exclusive. Our lifestyle affects our chemical makeup; a chemical change may lead us unable to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the cause of the depression remains a mystery.

Massage and Depression – Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage is about relieving tension in muscles, improving circulation and being in better general health. It may not directly cure depression, but it can improve sleep, relieve muscle pain, and improve general health. It also tends to improve our mood. These changes can make a significant difference to depression. Occasionally they may target the root cause, such as insomnia.

What to Check Thai Massage Willoughby

– Have an allergy test. Some individual allergies or intolerances will cause depression.
– Avoid artificial sweeteners. These cause depression, fatigue, poor memory and confusion in many people.
– Get some early sunlight. Get up early in the morning an watch the Sunrise. Stay awake during the day.
– Avoid irregular sleeping hours. Keep a regular schedule. Avoid shift work and see if this helps.
– Do exercise as much as is practical. be out and active.
Try to be social. Try to connect with others, individually or in a group.
– Mediation helps some people
Eat a natural diet, avoid junk and processed foods.
– Physical hobbies, woodwork, musical instrument, gardening, anything working with our hand or being creative can help. A sense of connection with what we do can help.
– See a doctor, perhaps there is an underlying medical condition causing the depression. Dental problems such as gum infections can also lead to depression.
– Depression can be linked to a feeling of being disconnected. Try to connect with something of interest.
Massage can make a big difference.

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If we are in good health we are in a better position to handle what we encounter in life. Massage helps mental and physical health.

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How to Achieve Some Positive Feelings

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Our bodies will release endorphins in some situations. We experience endorphin release when fulfilling a desire like eating, or when exercising. We can also experience them when injured or stressed. These endorphins make us feel good, sometimes euphoric. It is good to find natural ways to release endorphins and feel good about ourselves and life.
About 30 minutes of continuous or 60 minutes of moderate exercise will give us a good endorphin boost. Group exercise seems to work better than a solitary workout.
Of course, exercise also boost our long-term health. And makes further exercise easier.
Some people find this gives them a big boost. Often they undergo acupuncture to treat some medical condition. But the treatment does more than just relieve the pain.
Get Up early
Humans seem to be designed to wake with the sunrise and sleep during the dark. If we resist this we tend to slide into depression or lethargy. Try getting up in time to watch the Sunrise, and feel an early morning rush.
Sunlight at any time of the day will boost our mood. But early morning is the safest time, so you can avoid sunburn.
This is both the simplest and most challenging task in the work. Some people find sitting still in silence for 30 minutes or more to be difficult. But this practice helps us feel together and joined to our surroundings. Let your thoughts, positive and negative, pass without judgment.
Essential oils
Smell has a very visceral effect. Try rosemary, Citrus fragrances like orange, grapefruit, or bergamot.
There are chemicals in cocoa that release endorphins, so the cocoa in the chocolate, even the drinking kind, will help make us feel good. Try to find a low-sugar variety.
Be Sociable
Being with friends, and laughing is a big boost to our emotions. even the simple act of enjoying a film works well. Music
Many people come to massage for a variety of reasons. a few want to treat an injury or stress, perhaps insomnia. Some just like how a massage feels. But all notice that a regular massage will boost their mood.

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Regular massage can keep us in better health and a better mood. Face your life and its challenges in the best frame of mind, including a regular massage.

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How to Deal With Restless Legs

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Some of us suffer restless legs when we try to sleep at night. This is either compulsive spasms or occasionally the numbness of legs that feel ‘dead’. While this does not appear serious at first it can cause great trouble when trying to sleep, and lead to significant tiredness the next day. This type of problem can cause long term health issues, including cardiovascular problems and cognitive decline.

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Some recommended treatments Include:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, chocolate or any stimulate during the evening. Some people avoid it after 12 noon.
  • Some people find that avoiding protein during the evening, either in meat or nuts, will remove the restless legs problem. Eat protein in the morning instead.
  • Keep legs warm. Sometimes long flannelette pants make a difference.
  • Drink plenty of water early in the day. This removes restless legs at night in at least some people.
  • Are you wearing high heels or build up shoes? This can cause restless legs for several weeks, until the muscles develop in your legs. Inversely, if you are used to high heel shoes you can suffer restless legs after you stop wearing them.
  • Take a magnesium tablet a few hours before bed. A effervescent tablet dissolved in water works quickly.
  • Eat food high in potassium, like bananas. Try a potassium supplement.
  • General good nutrition is a factor. Eat green vegetables and/or salads every day.
  • Have a doctor check for any underlying conditions.
  • Try elevating the legs slightly, perhaps putting a pillow underneath them, or raising the end of the bed.
  • A hot water bottle under the legs can help. Have a cloth cover over the bottle as this keep the temperature more even during the night – warm rather than hot or cold.
  • An electric blanket, perhaps just for the lower part of the bed, can sometimes help, just by keeping the legs warm.
  • Put a bar of soap under the legs. This is one of those old wives tales that actually seems to work. Use plain, unscented soap. Replace the bar every week or two, or when the soap smell has gone.
  • Wet a bar of soap and rub it on the back of the calves of the legs.
  • Get up and walk around till the legs feel better.
  • Staying physically active and eating a healthy diet is a long term solution to restless legs. Unfortunately, the increase in exercise can initially make the problem worse.
  • Massage and stretching can help the circulation in the legs.
    A regular massage can help prevent the restless legs problem by improving circulation and general health.

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Staying healthy means a better experience of life. Include a massage along with exercise and a health diet as part of your lifestyle.

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How can Massage Help Me?

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Regular massage is popular with many people. Some training for sport use massage to help recovery after training. Some people with medical conditions find massage alleviates symptoms of their affliction, and helps their body deal with the problem by boosting immunity. Many other individuals like massage simply because is feels good, helping them stay in better health.

– Massage will improve circulation improved circulation reduces toxins in the body.
– Massage boosts the immune system, so illness is less frequent and recovery is much quicker.
– Massage helps us recover from exercise and sport exertion. So we get more benefit from the training.
– Massage reduces mental and emotional stress. This may not remove all the causes of stress, but it certainly helps us to deal these causes, and perhaps be in a better position sort out a few problems.
– Massage alleviates depression.
– Massage will help us feel more alive and think more clearly by improving the mind/body connection.
– Massage boosts increase energy. Many diet and exercise fads have come and gone, but massage always remained popular because it is effective.
– Massage can alleviate insomnia. This improved sleep boosts health in many ways; we think more clearly, have more energy, and avoid absent minded mistakes.
– Massage can relieve many types of headaches.
– Massage will relieve muscle pain
– Regular massage helps us look younger by improving the appearance of skin.
– If we have an office job that requires us to sit all day the massage will help compensate for this stain on our body.
Most noticeable of all, Massage helps us relax.

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Make a massage part of your lifestyle. Feel more alive and be in the best health possible with a regular massage session.

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Our posture is the position in which we hold our body. There is an ideal posture, which allows an even distribution of weight in the spine. Ideal posture allows for better general health, better sports performance, and reduced chance of injury.

The ideal posture would be standing straight, with an imaginary line running from the top of the head through to the area of the foot just in front of the heel. The spine should be almost straight, curved out slightly to the back behind the shoulders.

If we hold our-self in the wrong posture for extended periods of time we will find our body will tighten to that position. This causes strain, and can be a difficult habit to break. It will reduce our mobility.

Improve Your Posture:

  • When standing of sitting lift the sternum, the front of your chest, so you head neck and shoulders sit comfortably. This should not require too much muscle effort.
  • Perform a few stretches, leaning back and pushing your midsection forward while pulling your shoulders and neck back. Do this while kneeling.
  • General exercise that builds muscle will make good posture easier. Try squats, dead lifts, lunges, running.
  • De -stressing will help posture. Massage helps here, as does meditation.
  • Keep the weight off, so you don’t have to spend so much effort holding up the weight.

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Massage will help us to live an healthier, more enjoyable life. Make it a regular part of you life.

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Benefits of Massage

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Many people have a regular massage, sensing the improvements it makes to their life. Indeed, massage benefits us in several ways that often go unrecognized. Most of us just get a massage because it feels good at the time, or because we feel better afterward.

Some Benefits of Massage:

  • It improves circulation in the body.
  • The improved circulation helps remove toxins from the body.
  • Massage boosts the immune system, so we get sick less often, or recover more rapidly.
  • Massage will reduce mental and emotional stress. This doesn’t remove all the causes of stress, but it certainly helps us to deal these causes, and perhaps be in a better position to resolve a few of them.
  • Massage can relieve depression.
  • Massage can help us feel more alive and think more clearly by improving the mind/body connection.
  • Massage can increase energy. Many diet and exercise fads have come and gone, but massage always remained popular because it is effective.
  • Massage can help us sleep, which improves our health in many ways; we think more clearly, have more energy, avoid absent minded mistakes.
  • Massage can relieve many types of headaches.
  • Massage will relieve muscle pain
  • Massage helps us recover from exercise and sport exertion.
  • It helps us look younger by improving the appearance of skin.
  • It helps counteract all the sitting that most of us do. If we sit at a desk all day we strain our health, circulation and back posture. Massage goes a long way to counteracting this.
  • Massage helps us relax.

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Have a regular massage as part of a healthy lifestyle. While diet and exercise seem life an effort, with benefits, massage is the most relaxing way to give your life a boost.

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Living Longer and Better

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It is perhaps only a slight exaggeration to say that we all would like to live longer, and live in the best health possible. Hopefully we can do this without too much effort, spending our time enjoying life rather than trying to maintain our health. Studies of various cultures and individuals who have lived a long and healthy life have given some insights into the situation.

Purpose – Having a goal, and presumably some success with it, or a spiritual meaning for your life, make a big difference. Those with meaningful values and goal lived an average of seven years longer.

Stress management – Hardly surprising that this is important. Anything that kept stress down was helpful, from socializing to massage to prayer.

Keep Moving – People who exercised most days, who kept active, lived longer and suffered less stress. This could be a simple as walking and gardening.

Moderate diet. – This is a mixture of healthy diet and not overeating. Certainly natural (unprocessed) foods were best, with healthy probiotics and a lot of vegetables, were better than junk food. And not overeating, eating till you are 80% full, made a huge difference. Our body functions better at a moderate weight and minimal strain.

Moderate Alcohol – Maybe this was helping with stress, but a little alcohol, 1 or 2 glasses per day, seems beneficial.

Social Community – social connections and religious services make for a healthier, happier life.

Family – People who lived a long life remained close to their immediate and extended family.

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Massage makes all the difference to our health. It reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and significantly helps us to recover from exercise and sport.

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Fight or Flight

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The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for emotionally intense situations, anything from anger and legitimate threats to embarrassment to stage fright. This is known as the fight or flight response. This means increasing heart rate, oxygen intake, and blood supply. The parasympathetic system works in opposition to this, restoring the body to more normal operation after the stimulation is over.

Problems can occur if we are stuck in the fight of flight. Or if we overreact and get stressed by a relatively mild problem. It can also be an issue if the fight/flight response prevents us form tackling the problem that caused it, if we are stressed by an exam or deadline for example.

We can deal with the stress by a few methods. Meditation is one popular method, or tea with l-theanime, or even holding a cold object against the body. Massage is also popular, and possibly the best long term approach.

Good diet and good sleep help us deal with stress. A heavy weighted blanket helps some people sleep, apparently reducing the fight/flight response.

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Make massage a regular part of your life, feel better, be healthier, and be able to deal with whatever you encounter.