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Bed Bugs

Artarmon Thai Massage

A decent night’s sleep is essential to our healthy. There are many factors that can disrupt our sleep, leading to constant daytime tiredness, poor thinking, absent mindedness, poor health and a compromised immune system. If we can remove anything that compromise sleep we will soon feel a noticeable improvement.

Bed buds are one factor that compromises sleep and long term health. These are tiny, stubborn insects that live in our bedding that feed on our blood and discarded skin. They are hard to see, but leave small red marks and rashes on our skin. Bed bugs will compromise our sleep simply by making us uncomfortable, so they should be eliminated.

Removing Bed Bugs:

  • A vacuum Cleaner will remove a lot of bed bugs and their eggs. Scrub the mattress and general area first with a stiff brush to loosen the, then thoroughly vacuum. Then dispose of the vacuum bag.
  • Put sheets/bedding in the freezer for a few hours, perhaps overnight. The bed bugs will not survive the cold.
  • Put the sheets/bedding through a hot wash and hang on the clothesline. The hot water in the wash will kill bedbugs. UV light from the Sun (when hung outside) will also disinfect sheets. A hot cloths drier is also effective.
  • Steam cleaners will also kill bed bugs.
  • A hot air drier (or a hot air gun used for electronics) will kill bed bugs on bedding, carpet and skirting boards. Vacuum afterwards.
  • Use pillow and mattress protectors. These are tightly woven cloths that prevent bugs from living inside the bedding. Leave these on for at least a year.
  • Spray the mattress and bedding with dilute Tea Tree Oil. This kills bugs, and smells quite good. Lavender Oil also works. Use this daily.
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a natural insect killer tat is not-toxic to humans and animals. Use this on and around beds. Use food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Make ever effort to stay healthy and live fully. This means looking after ourselves, eating well and exercise. Include regular massage to improve health and well-being.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Alpha Waves

Thai Massage Artarmon

It is good to be in a relaxed, yet focused state of mind when working. And it is good to sometimes be in a totally relaxed state of mind in order to recuperate from the activities of our daily lives. These different states of mind have been subject to a great deal of scientific study. And we now know that there is a strong correlation between the state of mind and the brain’s electromagnetic brainwaves.


A deeply relaxed state of mind produces alpha waves, though it has also been noted that these alpha waves can produce the deeply relaxed state of mind. These waves are vibration between 8-12 Hz.  This state of mind is meditation.

We do well to enter this Alpha state of mind. It is the type of brain function that lets us put our experiences together and sort ourselves out. We do something similar when we sleep, though for reasons not fully clear we seem to need both regular sleep and at least some regular meditation. The two states of mind and functions are similar, but not identical.

We can achieve an alpha state of mind through conscious meditation, or by relaxing with a massage. This help us keep ourselves together. We might also achieve meditation and alpha waves through audio devices that produce the sound of ocean waves or binaural beats that vibrate at the prerequisite 8-12 Hz.


Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage is good for us at many levels. It is worthwhile having a regular massage if only to feel more relaxed.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage and the Immune System

Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage has a long history in many cultures. Both the practitioners and clients noticed its benefits, and the massage practices continued, and where refined and developed over the years.

Massage will

  • Reduced  muscle tension
  • Reduce the hormones now associated with stress
  • increase the  flexibility of joints
  • improve mobility especially in those who have previously experienced hampered mobility.
  • improve circulation
  • Reduces the occurrences and effects of insomnia
  • alleviates high blood pressure
  • reduction of scar tissue
  • improved recovery of any soft tissue injuries
  • Reduces the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression
  • Alleviates the nausea and fatigue in cancer patients
  • Massage can support women through the back pain associated with pregnancy
  • stimulates the lymphatic system which soothes the nervous system
  • A general sense of relaxation
  • Improve the immune system

Research indicates that massage increases the white blood cell count (T Lymphocytes). This helps the body fight infections, either bacterial or viral.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage can help prevent illness, or reduce the time take to recover from illness, by keeping us in good health and boosting the immune system.


Chatswood Thai Massage

Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Benefits of Thai Massage Westmead

Incredible stretching – This robust massage is excellent for both limbering up arms and legs for athletic performance, and for relieving muscle tension afterward. it has been used for generations by practitioners of Thai martial arts.
Improved Well-Being – A physically relaxing experience is good for our mind, it’s just plain relaxing. It has been shown to achieve better results than relaxation soundtracks, though we think meditation and other activities are good too.

Decrease stress – This is a physiological thing, it actually lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin level in the body. It’s not just all in the mind, it is the chemicals that strongly influence the mind.

Pain relief – many people with any number of medical conditions, from sore limbs to serious degenerative diseases, find they suffer less pain with regular massage.

Touch – Human beings respond to human touch from the moment they are born. People deprived of human touch at an early age have stunted growth and compromised emotional development. Regular human touch is connected to our well-being.

Delta Waves – This is the brain wave pattern of a relaxed mind that is open and free. it is a great state of mind to be in. we come out of delta waves feeling the same way as we do after a great night’s rest.

Behavioral Improvement for Autistic Children – Massage, perhaps through a combination of relaxation, brain waves, and human touch, provides some degree of behavioral improvement for Autistic/Asperger’s children.

Chatswood Thai Massage

Regular massage put us in a better position to deal with whatever experiences in life we encounter. By relax, sleep better, recover from exertion and live a better life with the massage.

Thai Massage Willoughby

Blue Light

Willoughby Thai Massage

A few modern day conveniences may work against us, at least if we are not careful. Many of us spend a significant part of the day looking at computer monitors, smartphone screens of other devices. These screen emit blue light, which has now been show to be harful to our eyes and general health.

Our eyes, if they are healthy, see all the colours of the visible spectrum, from red through to blue; think of the colours of a rainbow if you need to visualize the spectrum. Beyond this range, beyond blue, is the ultraviolet spectrum, which causes sunburn. Below it, below red, is infrared, which we feel as heat.

The blue light at the top of the spectrum and the ultraviolet beyond this is harsh on our eyes. Under normal conditions, in normal daylight, there is only a moderate amount of this light, so our eyes don;t suffer too much harm. But on bright sunny day there can be too much UV and blue light, so our eyes are straightened. Good quality polarized sunglasses remove most of this harmful glare, and should be worn in bright sunlight.

Computer screens emit more blue light than is good for us. Over long periods this harms our eyes. The blue light penetrates right to the back of the eye, where it can harm the light receptors. In the short term this is irritating. Eventually it causes eyesight problems as we age.

An addition problem with blue light is that it affects our circadian rhythms, our ability to stay away during the day and sleep at night. If we are exposed to blue light late in the day, say by using a smartphone before bed, then we will have considerable trouble sleeping. This leads to a terrible situation where we are tired during the day and unable to sleep at night.

Adding a blue blocking filter to a screen will remove most, perhaps all of the blue light. This prevents sleep problems. Some modern computers and devices (with windows 10) offer a screen option with the blue light removed. this looks to be quite effective, and is highly recommended.

Thai Massage Willoughby

Look to massage, exercise, a natural diet for healthy living. Life is better when we are fully functional.

thai massage artarmon thai massage

Thai Massage Artarmon

Thai Massage Artarmon

Get the Thai massage you need at Golden Tree Thai Massage in  Artarmon

Golden tree Massage Centre was founded to provide authentic and traditional Thai massage in a relaxing and peaceful environment. Over the years our massage therapists have steadily built a reputation as the premiere place for Thai massage We believe that massage is part of a healthy lifestyle, truly helping people live life in the best possible way.

Our special techniques work to clear energy blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body. We help alleviate stress, tension and muscle pain both by the use of the massage itself and the pristine and peaceful environment we provide for our clients.

Massage promotes optimal living. It doesn’t remove the problems we all experience in life, but it put us in a much better place to deal with what life throws at us. Thinking clearly and feel good after massage, we are able to change the thing that can be changed, and accept the inevitable things that cannot be changed.

Artarmon Thai Massage

The history of Thai massage is as old as thousands of years ago. It is a sacred form of massage that engages both the body and mind. The massage won’t be maximized unless both of these aspects are targeted. It combines acupressure massage techniques with deep stretching,  leaving the individual relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and with a strong inflow of positive energy. You can get a super rejuvenating Thai massage in Artarmon at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Warm in Winter

Thai Massage Burwood

Some individuals are under the impression that they should avoid a massage in the winter. But this a misconception. There are many benefits to massages in the colder climates, especially with hot oil massages. Even a regular massage will improve blood circulation and benefit muscle function. Thai traditional massage will using stretching to enhance circulation. Hot oil massage goes further with the benefits of the oil’s heating properties, which can be both thermally and chemically warming.

Post Work Out Artarmon Thai Massage

If we train for competitive sports or are simply trying to keep in shape by jogging, then massage is of notable benefit. According to many fitness experts regular massage will help us reap the maximum benefits from our physical training, especially with resistance training. A deep massage after an intense workout will help enlarge the muscles, growing new mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells. This means massage helps provide energy.

Massage helps recovery after exercise, and helps us keep a healthy psychological attitude. It can certainly reduce soreness and stiffness after a workout, help us sleep, but perhaps best of all it can help us feel motivated for the next exercise session.


Watering Down the Truth

Golden Tree Massage – Watering Down the Truth

A few generations ago people drank a fair amount water because it was part of their diet. The other options were tea, or occasionally coffee and alcoholic drinks.

In the 20th century alternatives to water like soft drinks and fruit juice become common. And while there was some water in these drinks people tended to drink less plain water.

In the late 1980s the health experts and their imitators started to tell us how much healthier we would be if we only drank more water. As water was supposedly free from the tap many people took to this advice. People continued to drink more water as the bottled variety replaced tap water.

Whether more water is healthier, and whether the 8 glasses per day recommendation is accurate, remains debatable. Part of the issue is that people think they can just add more water to a poor diet and expect significant improvements. Adding water probably is good. But we need to start getting rid of added sugar and processed food too.

Individual Water requirements

Water requirement change due to exercise, a hot environment and individual height/weight. 2 litres a day isn’t a bad estimate, but you might need more depending on your lifestyle. If you are exercise it is good to keep a water bottle handy.

Water Health Toxins

Dubious Advice columns tell us that water flushes toxins out of our body. This a half-truth; it is the kidneys that flush out toxins, but they require water to do this properly. A lack of water will make it difficult for the human body to properly flush out toxins.

Yet water flushing out our system is complex. Too much pure water can remove all the micronutrients that we need to be healthy. Individuals drinking pure water, either distilled or from High Mountain regions, will feel lethargic after a few days because they lack essential body nutrients.

Other problems have occurred when people drink too much water and too little salt. Joggers are especially prone to this. The lack of salt will cause the person to collapse.

Water and Teeth

Drinking water will help clean teeth and prevent bad breath. Unfortunately, the trend of adding lemon to the drinking water is causing problems. The lemon is acidic and causes serious damage to teeth. Stick to clean water and perhaps green tea.

In summary

  • Drink reasonably clean water.
  • Water is only part of the diet. eat healthy food
  • You need at least some salt in the diet. Too much water depletes salt levels.
  • Do not add lemon to all your drinking water. If you do drink lemon, once per day then drink and gargle pure water afterward to clean your teeth.

Thai massage Burwood

If you are doing aerobics, yoga, Pilates or going for a massage we suggest drinking water earlier in the day. All things that are beneficial for our health are best when combined with other healthy practices.