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Flight or Flight

Artarmon Thai Massage

The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for emotionally intense situations, anything from anger and legitimate threats to embarrassment to stage fright. This is known as the fight or flight response. This means increasing heart rate, oxygen intake, and blood supply. The parasympathetic system works in opposition to this, restoring the body to more normal operation after the stimulation is over.

Problems can occur if we are stuck in the fight of flight. Or if we overreact and get stressed by a relatively mild problem. It can also be an issue if the fight/flight response prevents us form tackling the problem that caused it, if we are stressed by an exam or deadline for example.

We can deal with the stress by a few methods. Meditation is one popular method, or tea with l-theanime, or even holding a cold object against the body. Massage is also popular, and possibly the best long term approach.

Good diet and good sleep help us deal with stress. A heavy weighted blanket helps some people sleep, apparently reducing the fight/flight response.

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