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Getting On Top of Life

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The working week and other commitments can take a toll on our well-being. Our recent experiences of most people being in lockdown also take a toll, in a rather different way. The positive side of this is that we appreciate a return to a more normal routine. But in all cases, some good habits and mental attitude adjustments can benefit our enjoyment of life.

Those of us who were unfortunate enough to suffer the actual Covid-19 virus, and not just the social side effects that dealt with the virus, may suffer lingering depression and anxiety for several years after the main illness has cleared up. This was common with those who suffered similar illnesses with SARS and MERS. A changed approach to life can help get us past this issue.

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Use Anxiety to Motivate and Change – We tend to think of anxiety as something to avoid. And there is some truth to this. But the process of avoiding anxiety, and getting past the problems that cause it, can really drive us to get things done. Anxiety is the response that comes from having a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Turn this into energy, and get a lot closer to where you want to be.

Setbacks As Preparation Time – It is frustrating to have our goals and projects put on hold. But we can view this as time out for assessment and planning. It is easy for our lives to become routine and automatic living. If we are forced outside this pattern we may also be forced to be more creative or simply reassess our regular lives.

Personal Life – We all have work and family commitments. But we will be better at fulfilling these commitments if we are in a good frame of mind. And a well-adjusted personal life goes a long way to getting a good frame of mind.
One trick recommended by an older audience is to get up early, before anybody else, and spend 30 minutes reading with a cup of tea/coffee; some people just meditate. Even if the rest of the day is hectic, this is enough to keep us balanced.

Think of Others – We can become neurotic if we are self-centred. Or at least we cannot get past the neuroses that we already have. But the age-old advice on giving to charity to get past your own confined world actually works. Connect with others, be empathetic, and give for the sake of giving.

Massage – Regular massage improves our immune system, and our mental health, and has many other benefits. This will directly not solve life’s problems, but it puts us in the right frame of mind for solving problems. And life feels better.

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Our general well-being is a huge part of our lives. Have a regular massage to improve your mental and physical health.


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