Thai Massage Epping

Epping Thai Massage

Thai massage developed partially through the influence of Chinese, Indian and other Asian traditions. But with over two thousand years of practice is has become a unique tradition in its own right. Thai massage follows the ‘sen’ lines of the body, stretching, pressing and compressing muscles to relive aliments and generally restore a body’s healthy functioning.

There are two main streams of Thai massage:

  • Traditional Thai massage: Using compression, stretching and pressing to relieve stress disorders and general ailments.
  • Royal Thai Massage/Deep Thai massage: This uses balms and crèmes with expanded versions of the traditional techniques. It often targets particular areas that need attention, but also stimulates the general immune system, releasing endorphins, improving circulation and reducing hormones

Enjoy Epping Thai Massage

Golden Tree Thai Massage has clinics in Homebush, Strathfield, Burwood and Concord. For residents of Epping Thai massage is available at all these centres.