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It is easy to let life’s stresses overwhelm us. Nobody wants or recommends this. Instead, we should take some pleasure in living, and in our interaction with others. If we can find ways to live that are happier and healthier we should find that we actually get more done because we are in a better, more effective, more efficient frame of mind.

Exercise – This has been known for centuries. We feel better and sleep better if we get exercise during the day. The issue with most people is motivation. Sometimes it can help if we use exercise to avoid other work; exercise is a means of procrastination. Another trick is to remind ourselves just how good exercise can make us feel afterward.
If we plan our exercise the night before, set out our clothes, make a contingency plan if the weather changes, and anticipate the situation, it helps us to get motivated.

Gratitude – It is easy to notice the problems. But this is an inaccurate view of our life and the world. If we are in good health, there are usually more positives than negatives. And if there are negatives, we must remind ourselves that they are usually not permanent. Most things will pass.
Appreciate the things you have.

Stay Connected – We are all social creatures. If we try to live in isolation then we deprive ourselves of fundamental human needs. Stay connected to others. Social media isn’t too bad, but face-to-face contact is far better. Spend time with children, and soak up some of their sense of wonder about the world.

Look At The Bigger Picture – We can tend to have two modes of thinking. One is focusing on the task at hand. The other is seeing the big picture, giving a sense of our whole life and the whole world. It is easy to get stuck on the task at hand, only to realise later that the big picture might have given some perspective that would have helped.

Sleep Well – This is admittedly difficult for some of us. But poor sleep will compromise every aspect of our mental and physical health
Insomnia is an issue for many people. But it can help if we abstain from phones and computer devices for an hour before bed. The blue light they produce will keep us awake. Keeping a regular schedule, waking and sleeping at the same time, and getting some early morning sunlight as soon as we get up, make a big difference.

Massage – This is a great way to relax and be healthier at the same time. A massage will improve our mental and physical health, making it easier to handle life’s difficulties.

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Live to your potential and enjoy your life. Have a regular massage to help keep you in better shape, ready to tackle the world’s challenges.


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