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How Can I Alieviate Depression?

Depression – Artarmon Thai Massage

Depression affect a large minority of individuals at some point in their life. Perhaps 20% of individuals suffer depression for an extended period. Other individuals find themselves having to support a family member with depression. It is a serious issue.

Depression is often misunderstood. It is not the sense of loss when somebody dies; it is distinct from sadness, or being miserable. Depression is feeling nothing at all, except perhaps that there is no point to life.

Depression can be chemical in nature, or it can be related to lifestyle. And these two factors are not mutually exclusive. Our lifestyle affects our chemical makeup; a chemical change may lead us unable to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the cause of the depression remains a mystery.

Massage and Depression – Thai Massage Artarmon

Massage is about relieving tension in muscles, improving circulation and being in better general health. It may not directly cure depression, but it can improve sleep, relieve muscle pain, and improve general health. It also tends to improve our mood. These changes can make a significant difference to depression. Occasionally they may target the root cause, such as insomnia.

What to Check Thai Massage Willoughby

– Have an allergy test. Some individual allergies or intolerances will cause depression.
– Avoid artificial sweeteners. These cause depression, fatigue, poor memory and confusion in many people.
– Get some early sunlight. Get up early in the morning an watch the Sunrise. Stay awake during the day.
– Avoid irregular sleeping hours. Keep a regular schedule. Avoid shift work and see if this helps.
– Do exercise as much as is practical. be out and active.
Try to be social. Try to connect with others, individually or in a group.
– Mediation helps some people
Eat a natural diet, avoid junk and processed foods.
– Physical hobbies, woodwork, musical instrument, gardening, anything working with our hand or being creative can help. A sense of connection with what we do can help.
– See a doctor, perhaps there is an underlying medical condition causing the depression. Dental problems such as gum infections can also lead to depression.
– Depression can be linked to a feeling of being disconnected. Try to connect with something of interest.
Massage can make a big difference.

Willoughby Thai Massage

If we are in good health we are in a better position to handle what we encounter in life. Massage helps mental and physical health.


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