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How to Deal With Lockdown and Winter?

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It is hard to drag ourselves out of bed during winter. The fact that we are in lockdown again, and probably working from home doesn’t help motivation, though it might mean sleeping in instead of getting up early to go to the office. But most of us have the experience of really not wanting to face the day after a week of staying at home in cold weather. Let’s face it, staying in the home offers no surprises and no reason not to stay in bed.

It helps if:

Accountability – If we live with others then we have some reason to get up. Need to cook breakfast for the kids, do something for the significant other? If we get out of bed 5 minutes before them then we can make them feel bad for being lazy..

Night Before Preparation – Have your clothes ready by the bed for when you get up. Have a breakfast pre- prepared from the night before. Have something to look forward to in the morning.

Heater timers – Set the timer for 30 minutes before you rise, so you at least get up in a warm room.

Light timers – If bright lights come on at the same time as the morning alarm then we tend to wake up. Sometime Sunlight through the window is best.

Pre-warmth – If you habitually wear long-johns during the day, then wear them to bed the night before. This way they are already warm from body heat when you get up. Change and wash them at least every other day.

Massage – We miss human contact when isolated, and we suffer stress from so many things in our life. If a massage helps us sleep well then we may find it easier to wake.

Reminding on Why – Tell yourself why you need to get up in the morning, there are things to do. Remind yourself of this the night before so as to get the right frame of mind.

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