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How to Deal With Restless Legs

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Some of us suffer restless legs when we try to sleep at night. This is either compulsive spasms or occasionally the numbness of legs that feel ‘dead’. While this does not appear serious at first it can cause great trouble when trying to sleep, and lead to significant tiredness the next day. This type of problem can cause long term health issues, including cardiovascular problems and cognitive decline.

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Some recommended treatments Include:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, chocolate or any stimulate during the evening. Some people avoid it after 12 noon.
  • Some people find that avoiding protein during the evening, either in meat or nuts, will remove the restless legs problem. Eat protein in the morning instead.
  • Keep legs warm. Sometimes long flannelette pants make a difference.
  • Drink plenty of water early in the day. This removes restless legs at night in at least some people.
  • Are you wearing high heels or build up shoes? This can cause restless legs for several weeks, until the muscles develop in your legs. Inversely, if you are used to high heel shoes you can suffer restless legs after you stop wearing them.
  • Take a magnesium tablet a few hours before bed. A effervescent tablet dissolved in water works quickly.
  • Eat food high in potassium, like bananas. Try a potassium supplement.
  • General good nutrition is a factor. Eat green vegetables and/or salads every day.
  • Have a doctor check for any underlying conditions.
  • Try elevating the legs slightly, perhaps putting a pillow underneath them, or raising the end of the bed.
  • A hot water bottle under the legs can help. Have a cloth cover over the bottle as this keep the temperature more even during the night – warm rather than hot or cold.
  • An electric blanket, perhaps just for the lower part of the bed, can sometimes help, just by keeping the legs warm.
  • Put a bar of soap under the legs. This is one of those old wives tales that actually seems to work. Use plain, unscented soap. Replace the bar every week or two, or when the soap smell has gone.
  • Wet a bar of soap and rub it on the back of the calves of the legs.
  • Get up and walk around till the legs feel better.
  • Staying physically active and eating a healthy diet is a long term solution to restless legs. Unfortunately, the increase in exercise can initially make the problem worse.
  • Massage and stretching can help the circulation in the legs.
    A regular massage can help prevent the restless legs problem by improving circulation and general health.

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Staying healthy means a better experience of life. Include a massage along with exercise and a health diet as part of your lifestyle.


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