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Irrespective of whether we have caught the Covid virus our mental health has been strained during the time of lockdown, and even in the milder restrictions that follow. There can be lingering anxiety or depression following an illness or drastic life change. This can last anywhere from a few months to three years.

We can improve our mental health with some basic practices. And when our mental health is better we are better equipped to deal with difficulties and changes in life.

Embrace Discomfort – There is some energy in anxiety, a little like anticipation, or stage fright. We can use this to fuel some ambition and change. Think of anxiety as a spark between where we presently are and where we would prefer to be. Use discomfort as the energy to get you to where you would prefer to be.

Setbacks – The old cliché was that a crisis was both an opportunity and a danger. The truth is a little plain. The word means danger and change. But this is still good advice. If we are setback by anything in life, then we need to reconsider the situation and start doing things differently. This may mean getting out of a rut. Or creatively finding a new approach to the situation.

Acceptance and comparisons – If we compare ourselves to others we will judge ourselves poorly. There will always be others who seem better off according to their Facebook page, and some of these really are individuals who are doing well. But forget comparisons and do what you feel is responsible and right. Accept who you are, and look at being the best version of yourself possible.

Personal Life – It is a mistake to think that is totally focused on work is being responsible. It is really being lopsided. Unless you are one of those rare individuals who makes a living from his hobby you need private time and social time with family and friends. We perform better at work when we have a balanced social life.

Remember Past Triumphs – If life seems overwhelming, then remember past times when life seemed overwhelming. You got through it then, you can almost certainly find a way to do it in the present circumstance. Even if you just remember getting to the next level of a video game, think about events in the past where you improved over time.

Tackle Bits and Pieces – If you can divide large problems up and solve them one piece at a time, then do this. You will soon find that the problem is half-solved, and seems easier to deal with.

Be Less Self-Focused – It is an old piece of advice, but giving yourself to the care of others helps us become less neurotic. This is because a neurotic mindset is self-centred and small-minded. If we look at our place in the big picture we get past at least some problems.

Breath and Stretch – Basic body exercises will help us have a clear headspace. Slow, even breathing, stretching our back, massaging our feet – this gives our mind a soft reset.

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A massage will help keep us in the best physical and mental health. This puts us in a better position to deal with life’s problems, while also enjoying life a little more. Make a regular massage part of your life plan.




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