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Injury & Massage

Sports and work injuries are unfortunate. And while safety precautions may reduce the occurrence and severity of injuries, there will always be a few sprains and inflamed limbs to deal with. These can be effectively treated by combining massage with physical therapy.

When treating injuries, integrated massage and physiotherapy can speed up recovery, and reduce discomfort. Both of these techniques aim to reduce inflammation while improving mobility, circulation and muscle function. This is a holistic approach delivering short-term and long-term benefits.

Comparing and Combining Massage and Physiotherapy

Both massage and physiotherapy use manual manipulation to treat tissue inflammation. But one significant difference is that physiotherapy works the entire musculoskeletal system. The massage concentrates on soft tissues, tendons and muscles. And while physiotherapy is used almost exclusively to treat an injury or congenital condition massage treatment is often used by healthy individuals for physical or mental benefits. Massage can keep us healthier, perhaps preventing injuries.

Thai Massage Willoughby Improving Flexibility

If the soft tissues of your body are tight or inflamed then you will suffer some restricted movement. You may have trouble bending over, throwing a ball, reaching above a certain height, or even finding a comfortable position when sleeping. In some extreme situations, we might find it difficult to walk or stand straight. This type of restricted movement can lead to an accident. Massage can boost the flexibility of the body and limbs. This gives us better control, reducing the risk of accidents.

Scar Tissue and Thai Massage Willoughby

Our body will form scar tissue around an injury. This, depending on the location of the injury, can lead to tightness, pain, swelling and restricted movement. Both massage and physiotherapy can break up scar tissue, reducing tightness, pain, movement restriction, and other symptoms.

Just the fact that massage improves blood circulation goes a long way to healing injuries. The oxygen and nutrients delivered by the blood help with stiffness and tension.

Perhaps the best short-term benefit of massage is helping the muscles to relax. This simply helps us to feel better, and reduce the discomfort of any injury.

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Massage is beneficial for general health, and helps us if we are injured. Combine massage with other medical treatments for faster recovery. Visit our branch in Strathfield today and enhance your overall well-being.


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