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Life, Mind and Stress

Considering Thai Massage Concord

Our mind and body are very much intertwined. Perhaps it is a very human error to draw a simple distinction between them. What affects one will almost always affect the other. So it makes sense to look after both. And it makes sense to address physical problems by including a mental approach, and to address any mental problems by including physical approach.

Stress is an example of a phenomena that we experience physically and mentally. When we are stressed we feel the mental tension, find our thinking compromised, and become narrowminded yet easily distracted. A the same time we feel the physical effects, the clenched muscles, the increased heartbeat, the slight or not so slight jittery feeling. This is unhealthy, robbing us of energy and compromising our immune system. It makes sense to reduce stress whenever possible.

Dealing with Stress

Take Mindful Rests Breaks – There are two main mindsets, the closed mindset where we concentrate on a particular thing, and the open mindset where we are aware or our surroundings and the bigger picture. It is useful to have the closed mindset when concentrating and getting things done, but this can become stressful and limiting. It is limiting because we can get stuck in a rut. It helps to step outside this closed mindset even hour or so.

Many of us have had the experience of figuring out a problem when having a shower, or relaxing in some way. This is because we are letting our mind wander, and looking at problems from many angles. Mindful rests are like this.

Close your eyes, become aware of your body, relax your shoulders, breath deeply, evenly and slowly. Be aware of the space around you. drink tea if you feel this helps.

Embrace Massage – This is perhaps the best way to connect the mental and physical. A massage will help us feel connected and attuned to our body. This improves our immune system and helps us think clearly, allowing us to be preform better and be more productive. Best of all, massage requires little effort from us.

Sleep – Without decent sleep everything else is compromised. If we improve our sleep we find everything else in our life gets at least a little, perhaps a lot, better. Avoid electronic devices (computer and phones) for an hour before sleeping, try some relaxing music or medication recordings. Warm milk and a hot bath can help.

Thai Massage Concord

Keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy means living a better life. Good health includes regular massage.


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