Thai Massage Willoughby

Long Term Benefits of Massage

Thai Massage Willoughby

After a good massage session, you come out feeling wonderful. How long does this last? The rest of the day? Perhaps few days? Perhaps until the next stressful Monday morning day at the office?

Massage has longer term benefits over and beyond the initial high. It is all too easy to forget this. After a while we get used to the benefits, and don’t realize how much we own to those regular massage sessions. It’s like good health. We don’t appreciate good health until we have been ill. That weekly massage is adding a lot to our life, which we may not appreciate until it is gone.

Inflammation and Immunity

Inflammation is our immune system working on overdrive. If we are injured, we will suffer a little short-term inflammation as our immune system works to heal our bodies. But if the inflammation continues, if it is chronic, then there is something wrong. Our immune system is overly sensitive and constantly switched on, even when we shouldn’t need it. This drains us of energy.

Massage can significantly reduce the inflammation and promote legitimate healing, so our bodies will work normally, as they should.

Circulation and Flexibility

This is something we can feel string after a massage, our body moves freely, as if all the pieces have fitted back into place. Massage improves circulation, so blood and other fluids get moving. This gets oxygen and other valuable nutrients to every part of our body, including the extremities.

Thai Massage Willoughby – Mental Health and Stress

Our mind and body maybe distinct, but they are linked. If we feel mental stress, it affects the physical health of our bodies. Likewise, physical illness will strain our mental life; nobody enjoys illness or lethargy, or even being inflexible. Physical illness is one cause of depression.

Some stress and physical illness may be inevitable in the live we live. Massage, especially regular massage, puts us in better physical and mental place to handle these inevitable aspects of life.

Regular Thai Massage Willoughby

It we keep ourselves in the best physical and mental health possible, if we keep ourselves well maintained, we are in a better position to deal with whatever life throws at us. Massage is part of a healthy lifestyle.


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