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About Thai Massage Sydney CBD

Massage is a great for easing muscle tension, pain relief, sports recovery, or just general relaxation. It also helps mental clarity and relieves stress. Many people have a regular massage to help stay in good health, mentally and physically. Massage may not change the problems we encounter in life, but it means we will be in a better state of mind to deal with them.


What is Thai Massage Sydney CBD

Massage should be performed by a licensed massage therapist. This therapist will use various techniques involving movement and pressure to manipulate muscles and soft tissues in the body. When performed correctly this will slow down the nervous system, relieving stress, tension, and providing relief from soreness and pain.


Type of Massage

Swedish Massage – This is popular for stress relief. Swedish massage is covers the whole body with a gentle touch. It produces a relaxed emotional state of mind that can benefit your muscles.

Swedish massage is popular for those new to massage.

Trigger Point – Ever have a knot in your back, or a spasm in your neck? This is a trigger point. A massage therapist will use focused and direct pressure on these points to increase blood flow and relieve tension.

Prenatal Massage – These massages address the aches and pains common in expecting mothers. This means reliving pressure off the hips and swelling in the feet and legs.

Deep tissue Massage – Muscles can get tight from repeated use, or from lack of use if we sit at a desk all day. Deep tissue massage aims to release this tension. This is good for those with injuries and chronic pain.

Sport Massage – This is similar to deep tissue massage, but it targets the muscles that are used, perhaps overused, in a particular sport. This might include dancing as well as athletics.

Lymphatic Massage – The lymphatic system maintains fluid levels and removed waste products from the body. Massage can help the lymphatic fluids flow freely. This is especially useful for individuals suffering inflammation or arthritis.


Thai Massage Sydney CBD

Massage is beneficial especially if we are pushing ourselves hard. Have a regular massage to stay in better health.




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