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Cupping is a very old technique used in some forms of massage. It dates back many centuries.
Cupping is though to be useful for improving flexibility, lossening facia and for generally improving the effects of other massage techniques.
The Technique Itself
The massage therapist will place several cups over areas of the body, and then remove the oxygen from the cups wiht either a pump or by either burning it with a candle. This creates a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup. Blood wil rise to the surface of the skin, perhaps drawing toxins out of the body in the process.
The vacuum cup is left on the body long enought to create a pink or red welt. This will take several days to fade. The process can be painful , but it will help alieviate many physical ailments.
The Benefits
Cupping can benefit acute pain, and improve physical movement. It decreases msucle tightness, adn can work to decease the fascia tightness around the muscle, even when other techniques prove ineffective.
There is minimal scientific evidence to support the benefits of cupping. But anecdotal evidence shows it is effective.

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Massage is popular with many people. Use it to help recover from sports training, to treat a medical condition, of simply to feel healthy and relaxed.

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