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Massage Who and How Often

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Everybody benefits from a massage because a massage promotes good health and good health is for everybody. Then again, some people benefit more than others, and many people like to schedule more frequent massages when they are stressed, training, pregnant or undergoing other forms of therapy. Of course many of us like a massage simply because it feel good.

Of course, pregnancy takes a physical and emotional toll on the individual. Hormones and other biological changes are certainly a huge adjustment. But even the added weight of the unborn child is enough to cause physical problems and stress; joints will ache and the back will be strained.
Twice a week massages will help expecting mothers to deal with their pregnancy, reducing the stain on their health.

Work Stress
All work all day puts stress and strain on the individual in ways that are hard to define and just as hard to deal with. This is even worse if the problems go unnoticed, which may be the case if the stress creeps up on us slowly.
Massage will get rid of that tight neck and tendency to hunch over as if you are still sitting at the computer desk.
A once-a-week massage will remind us that our careers are part of our lives rather than their defining trait.

Sleep disorders like Insomnia
It is still debatable if insomnia is a symptom or a cause of problems, though we all agree that matters get worse if we can’t sleep. Poor sleep means poor thinking and memory.
A weekly massage can both relax the body and produce the right hormones for a better night’s rest.

Athletic Training
A weekly massage is beneficial for training athletes. Not only will it help muscles recover in order to encourage growth, but the good feeling of massage seems to motivate many to follow their training programmes.

Chronic Pain
Weekly to twice weekly massage can help those with arthritis, back injuries or other forms of ongoing pain. This reduces irritability, depression, mental health strain and poor concentration.

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Massage helps keep us in good health, and helps us deal will health problems. This means being in a better position to deal with life, and hopefully enjoy our lives.


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