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The extended disruption to our usual routine, caused by the Pandemic lockdown, is something of a strain on our mental health. Humans are meant to be active and social. It is difficult to do these things if we are unable to get out of the home. So we tend to find ourselves ill-adjusted.

We all understand how important it is to keep our bodies healthy, even those of us who tend to neglect our diet and exercise. Our mental health is just as important. And it is strongly connected to our physical health. If we eat poorly and do not exercise our mental health suffers. If we neglect our mental health our physical health, perhaps as a compromised immune system, suffers. So we need to look after our physical and mental health.

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Diet – Eat a healthy diet, including fermented foods for good gut bacteria. Keep alcohol to a minimum, and avoid junk food. We will think and sleep better with a healthy diet.

Sleep – A consistent sleep schedule makes all the difference to our health. We need a sufficient number of hours (usually 7 for most people) and it needs to be at the same time of the night/day. If we fall out of the regular schedule it takes several days to fully recover. If jet-lagged we can adjust about 90 minutes of lost sleep per day.

Exercise – At the very least do some walking. They find some activity that causes you to sweat.

Limit technology use – Our ancestors, even people in the 1990s, do not live on social media. We can thrive on a lot less screen time. Do not use a phone for an hour before sleep. Lockdown means that Skype/zoom are useful for socialising, but these are only a substitute for the real thing.

Do something enjoyable – If we have a hobby, preferably something creative, then do some of this every day. Watching TV does not count as a hobby.

Do something new – This prevents stagnation. Bake a new type of cake, try writing, start and complete a DIY project, or just learn a skill.

Meditation – This goes a long way to lowering stress. If you are new to this, find an mp3 or YouTube video designed to help with meditation.

Comedy – Anything that helps us laugh in good conscious, not in malice or cruelty, is good for us. Old classic cartoons are good for this.

Sunlight – we need this more than most people realise. Get at least a few minutes of sunlight in the morning when you wake. This wakes us, increases vitamin D, and helps us sleep 16 hours later.

Coffee, and chocolate in the early morning seem to boost mental energy.

Break routine – Even if it means eating breakfast in the front garden, do something a least a little unusual.

Be generous – Giving to others really seems to make us happy, or at least not feel useless when we are frustrated and down. Give the gift that the other person likes/wants/needs.

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Massage can help keep us physically and mentally healthy. It helps when we are ill, but also helps keep our health optimal.


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