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Neck and shoulder issues are probably the most common complaint in the massage industry. There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had a sore neck/shoulder at least once in their life. So massage therapist have learnt through experience the best ways to deal with the various neck and shoulder problems.

While we might label the neck and shoulders as just two things there are actually many interacting muscles in this area of the body, and many more muscles connected to the various neck and shoulder muscles. Subsequently, there are many potential issues, because any of these muscles might be causing the problem. It is important to find the specific problem, to find the right treatment. At the same time, massage can be beneficial even if the underlying cause is not known.

It is easy to forget how interconnected our bodies are. A problem in one part of the body can mean pain in another part of the body. There are people who eventually find that pain in one side of the neck or shoulder is caused by one leg being longer than the other. The uneven legs caused them to stand on an angle, with a crooked neck. Other people find that a neck and shoulder pain was caused by a dental issue. They habitually clenched one side of their mouth or had a slightly off-centre jaw that eventually led to neck issues.

Massage is recommended for any pain. It is also recommended for mental health, and as just a way to feel good. But if there is a medical condition that leads us to seek a massage therapist then the medical condition must be addressed too. Massage will always help with the symptoms of the underlying problem. In cases of stress, fatigue or some injuries it will also help treat that underlying problem. But in some cases, massage is best combined with other forms of therapy.

In a few cases, a neck or shoulder issue is caused by bad habits, such as poor standing posture or sitting incorrectly. This is common in today’s society as we often spend long hours using computers or sitting at desks doing office work. Past generations had different problems, often caused by heavy manual labour. Moderate exercise and minimal time spent sitting will help reduce at least some neck and shoulder issues. It is unfortunate that many occupations require us to sit at a desk for most of the day. Massage can help reduce the effects of restricted physical activity.

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Neck or shoulder pain? Stress? or maybe an injury? Massage in Strathfield helps reduce pain and help the body recover.


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