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Need To Know For a Massage.

Sydney CBD Thai Massage Benefits

If we have had a massage before, or are interested in a massage, we tend to get a general idea of the benefits. A good massage can seriously soothe our minds and body. It improves blood circulation, reduces anxiety, improves mood and helps us sleep. If we have injuries or just need to recover from hard training, massage will relieve pain and speed up recovery time. All this is true. But if we wish to maximise the benefits, to make the most of the hour or so with the therapist, there are some ways to prepare for the experience.

Sydney CBD Thai Massage Advice

  • You will be partially undressed in a massage. This is so normal for a massage pallor and the staff that we think it odd when people overlook this. We have seen it before. There is no need to feel uncomfortable.
  • Have a warm shower beforehand. This starts the feeling of relaxation, and the therapist appreciates the clean client.
  • Breathe freely. We notice the customers who hold their breath when we are dealing with a bad knot, some muscle tension, or perhaps a sore joint. But we need oxygen if we are to benefit from a massage. So breathe deeply and evenly through your nose.
  • Drink water afterwards. It is a little like a workout, the process causes dehydration but requires water to bring about the benefits.
  • Do you work out and exercise beforehand, never afterwards? Massage helps recovery from the exertion. But if we try to exert ourselves afterwards we risk stain, as the muscles are too relaxed. Wait until the next day after the massage before any heavy work.
  • It is usually okay to ask for more attention on the neck, back, or anywhere you think you need it.
  • Regularity is best for massage. Perhaps consistency is the better term. Make this a once per week, or at least once a month treatment.
  • Coffee/caffeine is okay beforehand, in moderation. Avoid it afterwards as it ruins the feeling of relaxation. Stick with water.
  • If you prefer a certain type of massage, then book this in advance. We want you to feel you had the right treatment when the session is completed.

Sydney CBD Thai Massage

Find the way to live your life at its best. Exercise, diet and other healthy habits combine well with regular massage.


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