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Almost nobody has perfect skin. But most of us can have quite good skin if we take a little time and effort. This has long and short term benefits. In the short term the skin looks clearer. In the long term we slow down the signs of aging.
If we follow the basics of good health, eating well, exercise, good sleep, massage and meditation, then we will achieve at least some improvement with our skin. But a few skin conditions require some extra treatment.
Keratosis pilaris
One common skin condition is Keratosis pilaris. This is skin that forms red bumps or spots at the hair follicle, sometime called ‘chicken skin’. It most often appears on the back of the arms or the legs. While this is not harmful it is less than ideal, and some people are embarrassed by the look of these red areas. The condition can never be permanently removed, but ongoing treatments can greatly reduce the problem.

Keratosis pilaris
• Blue light devices will reduce the bacteria involved in keratosis (and acne). Devices are available online. 20 minutes twice per week is often enough. Remember to shield your eyes from the blue light.
• Sulphur soap will unclog the hair follicles, though the redness many persist for a while. This soap is very drying on the skin, so always moisturize afterward, and do not use on areas where you don’t need it.
• Coconut oil moisturizes and breaks down the blockage in hair follicles. This is good for using after sulphur soap.
• Emu oil is another good moisturizer, and breaks down clogs in follicles. It also improves circulation. The only downside is that it will make the skin feel cold for about half an hour.
• Allergies can aggravate or cause skin conditions. Consider an allergy test. Common culprits are dairy and gluten.
• Low inflammation foods can help. Eat turmeric, leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil.
• Retinol is a topically applied treatment that speeds up cell turnover in skin. Prescription strength retinol can rally help treat keratosis, though this may not be cheap.

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