Some Weight Loss Insights

Some Weight Loss Insights

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Maintaining a healthy weight really helps us at so many levels. Obviously it’s healthy, and increases our life expectancy, but it’s worth it if only because we feel better, more alive and more able to enjoy life.
• Even nutritious food can cause weight gain. Keep portions under control. Still, it’s better to fill up on lettuce than on sugary foods.
• Eating late in the day may work against us. This is debated, but a late meal may disrupt sleep. And some claim we don’t burn off the late meal like we burn off an early meal.
• It’s had to go too far wrong with vegetables. Fill up on steamed vegetables, than add a little lean meat.
• Some medications cause weight gain. Talk to the doctor.
• Have your thyroid checked. This can cause weight gain and other problems like temperature regulation.
• Alcohol can interfere with weight loss.
• Not all kilojoules are equal. Healthy food may contain the same number of kilojoules as junk food, but it will keep us active and healthy, and more able to lose weight.
• Cardio and strength training goes a long way to weight loss. This is basically essential.
• Muscle weight more than fat, but is less bulky. And muscle helps us burn calories even when we are at rest. Try to add some muscle.
• Sleep is important at every level. If we don’t sleep we do not recover from exercise, and cannot put on muscle. Furthermore, lack of sleep can make us hungry and reduce our impulse control.
• Eating fat will (generally) not cause us to get fat. Many fats are healthy, especially if they are a natural part of the foods. Cut out sugar, not fat.
• Find out if you have an allergy. Anything from dairy to artificial sweeteners can cause weight gain, and cause poor thinking.
• Diet is a higher priority than exercise. We cannot really compensate for a bad diet.
• Monitor progress. Even a small improvement is encouraging.
• Fad diets are mostly rubbish, and their effects are fleeting. It’s about changing to a healthy lifestyle than makes life better.
• While some principle are universal, natural food being better than refined foods, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. You may have to tailor your approach. Consult a nutritionist.
• Stress is never really good. It causes weight gain and food cravings, as well as poor immunity. Stress can have many causes, including lack of achievement and lack of fulfilment, or being constantly busy for little reward.
• Find healthy snacks, like carrots, celery, nuts, and some fruit.
• Get hormones checked. This can cause all sorts of weight problems.
• Gut bacteria makes a big difference. If we have healthy gut bacteria we digest food well, and steadily lose weight, while feeling better.
• Weight loss tends to stop and start, and plateau off. Do not be discouraged. Look at the long term pattern.
• The method of eating for 8 hours and then fasting for 16 hours seems to work. It is a long term strategy, but eat during the early hours and fast from the evening till the next day.
• Emotional eating is a real issue. We find we eat to feel better. Difficult as it may be, find the underlying cause.
• Food craving last about 15 minutes. If we can hold out this long the craving will subside.
• Eat slowly. This seems to help us eat less and enjoy the food more.
• Add fibre and water. This fills us up, and keeps us healthy.
• There is no end of a diet. This is a new way of living, and new healthy lifestyle that is a better way of living.

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Massage is part of being healthy. Stress reduction is reason enough to have a massage. This will also help with immunity and a healthy lifestyle.


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