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If we want to improve our physical health, particularity build muscle, then we need both exertions and rest. We exert ourselves while we train, and hopefully build some skills in the process. then we give ourselves time to recover, so the muscle has a change to rebuild and become a little stronger. Failure to exercise and failure to have some recovery time means we will not improve.

We should wait at least 24 hours after exerting ourselves before we engage in any further exertion. Failure to do so means the muscle will not develop, and our training is wasted. And there is a chance that the further exertion may cause serious damage. Light exercise, like walking or stretching is fine after heavy exercise, but we should not further exert the muscles that we are trying to build, not for a day or two.
Massage is a great way to connect exertion and recovery. Massage helps us psychologically relax after a workout or sporting performance. And it physiologically helps the muscles relax so that they can recover and develop.

Thai Massage Artarmon

Make a regular massage part of your training. as well as helping you recover and develop muscle the massage will put you in a good state of mind. And it helps remind you that the sport and exercise is part of a larger perspective and lifestyle.


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