Warm in Winter

Thai Massage Burwood

Some individuals are under the impression that they should avoid a massage in the winter. But this a misconception. There are many benefits to massages in the colder climates, especially with hot oil massages. Even a regular massage will improve blood circulation and benefit muscle function. Thai traditional massage will using stretching to enhance circulation. Hot oil massage goes further with the benefits of the oil’s heating properties, which can be both thermally and chemically warming.

Post Work Out Artarmon Thai Massage

If we train for competitive sports or are simply trying to keep in shape by jogging, then massage is of notable benefit. According to many fitness experts regular massage will help us reap the maximum benefits from our physical training, especially with resistance training. A deep massage after an intense workout will help enlarge the muscles, growing new mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells. This means massage helps provide energy.

Massage helps recovery after exercise, and helps us keep a healthy psychological attitude. It can certainly reduce soreness and stiffness after a workout, help us sleep, but perhaps best of all it can help us feel motivated for the next exercise session.


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