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Winter Warmth

Thai Massage in Winter

While some of us might look forward to some aspects of winter, like that annual ski trip, very few of us enjoy the actual cold weather. This only gets worse as we age. The cold seems to make tight muscles or arthritis seem a little worse. And nobody wants to have to deal with flu season. Still, this is Australia, so few of us have to deal with 24-hour darkness or being snowed in.

Cold temperatures constrict the blood vessels and dry the skin. This puts at least a little strain on our bodies. And that strain is what makes our other problems a little worse. A massage can have some benefits here. Massage gives our bodies a boost, and in more difficult times like cold weather, this is when we need this type of support.

Massage will

  • Support the immune system – Our immune system is a little weaker when we are cold, and when we are run down. Massage boosts the immune system, stimulating the lymph nodes, so we might avoid the flu, or at least only suffer mildly and get over it more quickly.
  • Improve circulation – The constricting blood vessels only serve to make us feel colder and make the joints ache. Massage gets the blood moving, so we feel a little warmer and looser.
  • Help dry skin – Improving circulation helps the skin. And a massage with oils will help even further. This has some long-term anti-aging benefits.
  • Improve mental health – Depression can creep up on us with dimmer sunlight. This can be more extreme with those who have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Massage produces some serotonin and endorphins, greatly reducing the feeling of the blues. Some early morning bright light is also recommended, as well as vitamin D supplements.

For winter months we also recommend

Bright light, especially blue light or sunlight, helps wake us up in the morning. We get less sunlight in winter as we tend to cover up to keep warm. But a bright light on a timer can help us wake up. Even staring at a computer screen for an hour can help us feel awake. Avoid this late at night.

Heaters in the bedroom make a world of difference. Use a timer on the heater so the room is warm before you get into bed. A hot water bottle might be a simple idea, but it goes a long way to getting rid of cold legs.

Drink herbal tea, or even plain tea to keep warm. The cup will warm our hands. Decaffeinated options are fine.

If you wear long underwear during the day, you can pre-warm this by wearing it to bed the night before. This makes getting up a little easier because our clothes will not be as cold. Wash the long underwear at the end of the day.

Use sanitiser several times per day, and clean all exposed surfaces. Also, wear gloves when outside to keep your hands clean. This is flu season. And the germs that cause the flu stay active for many hours in cold weather. Any precaution that prevents a cold is probably worth it.

Burwood Thai Massage wants to keep their clients in the best health, and the best mood possible. Have a regular massage, and stay in the best condition to encounter what life throws at us.

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