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Getting the Most From a Thai Massage

Thai Massage Burwood

Everybody from Sport Professionals to Trade workers will emphasis good preparation. This principle also applies to massage. If we are in a good frame of mind and prepared for a massage, then we reap the full benefit of the treatment.

Thai Massage Burwood Tips

• Don’t eat right before the massage. Eat a few hours before, so your body has already digested the food.
• Avoid stimulants like coffee and nicotine. Herbal tea is a good option.
• Wear loose clothing, and only remove as much clothing as feels comfortable.
• Communication, important for every aspect of life, applied to massage too. Tell the massage therapist you reason for getting a massage, and if you have any issues like a stiff neck or back. Do you like music of conversation during the massage, or do you prefer silence?
• Occasionally people have an allergy to massage oils. Tell the therapist; there is always an alternative.
• Breath normally, or in a manner that relaxes you. Ask the therapist about breathing.
• Be on time, so you are not in a frenzied state when you arrive.
• Relax and let the therapy do its work. Be as receptive and open to the massage as possible.
• Don’t get up too quickly afterward. Some people feel lightheaded after their first massage or two.
• Drink water afterward.

Burwood Thai Massage

Interested in a Thai Massage Burwood? Some people find massage make a huge difference when they are stressed or ill. Some people feel massage helps them recover after training and exercise. More often people just like massage because they feel better afterward. The cumulative effect of regular massage means we are better able to deal with what we encounter in life.


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