Chatswood Thai Massage

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Benefits of Chatswood Thai Massage

There are several variations on massage technique, but they all have a similar basic goal. Massage will knead and manipulate muscles and soft tissues to promote their health, which benefits the physical and mental health of the client in several ways.

• Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
• Relieves muscle tension and stiffness
• Significantly helps recovery after exertion for sports and exercise
• Improves circulation and blood flow
• Improves lymphatic flow which helps remove waste from our bodies
• Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
• Reduces pain and inflammation
• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Boosts the immune system function
• Promotes better sleep and alleviates insomnia
• Enhances mental clarity and focus
• Reduces anxiety and depression
• Provides a general sense of well-being

Combining Chatswood Thai Massage with other Treatments

We believe Chatswood Thai Massage is of great benefit when used in conjunction with conventional medical therapy. It can be used in conjunction with chiropractic therapy to treat a misaligned spine, to reduce pain and speed up the healing process. It can be used to reduce the pain the form many cancer treatments, and to reduce the inevitable stress in these circumstances.

The main point of massage is to keep us in the best health possible. This improved health better allows us to deal with problems, like injuries or illness. And even if we are not ill, we will be able to focus and think more clearly when dealing with the everyday issues of work, relationships and life.

Chatswood Thai Massage

Massage is about feeling better and staying healthy. Regular massage has many benefits for day to day living. Or it can help medical conditions when combined with conventional medical treatment.


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