Thai Massage Willoughby

Regular or Occassional Massage


Thai Massage Willoughby

It is common to have a massage when stressed, or feeling under the weather. Some people have a massage on a regular basis. Other when they feel the need. Both of these types of people recognize the benefits of massage for the body, and for general wellbeing.

So what are some of the benefits?:

Reduce Stress
This is probably what most people think of then they think of massage. And they are quite right.
There are many ways to relax, and relaxing will usually have some benefits for lowering stress. But massage does much more.

Professional massage will lower cortisol levels and increase serotonin. These are the hormones that affect stress and the feeling of well-being. Research has shown that massage lowers these hormones in the body, and this change at the bodily level will benefit the mind.

Research has proved what most people sense is true- massage helps lower the stress that is common with most lifestyles.

Pain Relief

Many types of medical conditions, from sore limbs to serious injuries, cause less pain after massage. The massage both reduces pain and helps the body heal the underlying condition.

Mental Clarity

Massage can put us in a Delta wave brain pattern. This is a relaxed state of mind that allows clear thinking. we often gain insight into ourselves and solve a few problems when in a delta wave pattern. It allows us to see our life with a fresh state of mind.


Our blood circulation, lymphatic system, and heart benefit from massage. This benefits our overall health. Improved health benefits every aspect of our life, from better sleep to improved concentration.


Thai Massage Willoughby

A regular massage keeps us in a better physical and mental health, allowing us to better deal with our lives. Occasional massage helps when we are ill.





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