Artarmon Thai Massage

Artarmon Thai Massages

Artarmon Thai Massage

If you’re in Artarmon get Thai massage that relaxes you at the same time heals your whole immune system.

Traditional Thai Massage:
Gives a wide range of benefits to heal a range of discomforts and stress related disorders. This kind of massage is superb for treating headaches, shoulder and upper back tension, soft tissue and joint injury, digestion complaints, anxiety and many forms of insomnia. The completer massage treatment generally requires 90-120 minutes and includes massaging limbs, fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipients back, twists, and arching the recipient’s back in a rolling action.

Sessions that are shorter than the usual 90-minute sessions are possible. They can also give significant benefits. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Royal Thai Massage: Deep Thai Massage

Uses healing hands directly on a problem area. This massage type quickens the body’s healing process. The massage does this by improving circulation, relaxing the muscles, reducing stress hormones, releasing endorphins and stimulating the immune system. To enhance the massage staff uses balms and crèmes. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage. It’s specifically good for loosening tight muscles and reducing back pain, headaches, arm, hand, shoulder issues, cramping, nerve problems and improving blood circulation. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage:

Reflexology is an ancient art of healing. It focuses on the pressure points of an individual’s foot. These points can indirectly affect the nerves connection to the other organs of the body. Our treatment utilities moisturizing and nourishing cream with a combination of thumb, palm, and wooden stick massage particularly on the appropriate pressure points of the client’s feet and legs. Get a healing Artarmon Thai massage at Golden Tree Thai Massage.


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