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How to Achieve Some Positive Feelings

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Our bodies will release endorphins in some situations. We experience endorphin release when fulfilling a desire like eating, or when exercising. We can also experience them when injured or stressed. These endorphins make us feel good, sometimes euphoric. It is good to find natural ways to release endorphins and feel good about ourselves and life.
About 30 minutes of continuous or 60 minutes of moderate exercise will give us a good endorphin boost. Group exercise seems to work better than a solitary workout.
Of course, exercise also boost our long-term health. And makes further exercise easier.
Some people find this gives them a big boost. Often they undergo acupuncture to treat some medical condition. But the treatment does more than just relieve the pain.
Get Up early
Humans seem to be designed to wake with the sunrise and sleep during the dark. If we resist this we tend to slide into depression or lethargy. Try getting up in time to watch the Sunrise, and feel an early morning rush.
Sunlight at any time of the day will boost our mood. But early morning is the safest time, so you can avoid sunburn.
This is both the simplest and most challenging task in the work. Some people find sitting still in silence for 30 minutes or more to be difficult. But this practice helps us feel together and joined to our surroundings. Let your thoughts, positive and negative, pass without judgment.
Essential oils
Smell has a very visceral effect. Try rosemary, Citrus fragrances like orange, grapefruit, or bergamot.
There are chemicals in cocoa that release endorphins, so the cocoa in the chocolate, even the drinking kind, will help make us feel good. Try to find a low-sugar variety.
Be Sociable
Being with friends, and laughing is a big boost to our emotions. even the simple act of enjoying a film works well. Music
Many people come to massage for a variety of reasons. a few want to treat an injury or stress, perhaps insomnia. Some just like how a massage feels. But all notice that a regular massage will boost their mood.

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Regular massage can keep us in better health and a better mood. Face your life and its challenges in the best frame of mind, including a regular massage.


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