Watering Down the Truth

A few generations ago people drank a fair amount of water because it was part of their diet. The other options were tea, or occasionally coffee and alcoholic drinks.

In the 20th century alternatives to water like soft drinks and fruit juice became common. And while there was some water in these drinks people tended to drink less plain water.

In the late 1980s, health experts and their imitators started to tell us how much healthier we would be if we only drank more water. As water was supposedly free from the tap many people took to this advice. People continued to drink more water as the bottled variety replaced tap water.

Whether more water is healthier, and whether the 8 glasses per day recommendation is accurate, remains debatable. Part of the issue is that people think they can just add more water to a poor diet and expect significant improvements. Adding water probably is good. But we need to start getting rid of added sugar and processed food too.

Individual Water requirements

Water requirements change due to exercise, a hot environment and individual height/weight. 2 litres a day isn’t a bad estimate, but you might need more depending on your lifestyle. If you are exercising it is good to keep a water bottle handy.

Water Health Toxins

Dubious Advice columns tell us that water flushes toxins out of our bodies. This is a half-truth; it is the kidneys that flush out toxins, but they require water to do this properly. A lack of water will make it difficult for the human body to properly flush out toxins.

Yet water flushing out of our system is complex. Too much pure water can remove all the micronutrients that we need to be healthy. Individuals drinking pure water, either distilled or from High Mountain regions, will feel lethargic after a few days because they lack essential body nutrients.

Other problems occur when people drink too much water and too little salt. Joggers are especially prone to this. The lack of salt will cause the person to collapse.

Water and Teeth

Drinking water will help clean teeth and prevent bad breath. Unfortunately, the trend of adding lemon to drinking water is causing problems. The lemon is acidic and causes serious damage to teeth. Stick to clean water and perhaps green tea.

In summary

  • Drink reasonably clean water.
  • Water is only part of the diet. eat healthy food
  • You need at least some salt in the diet. Too much water depletes salt levels.
  • Do not add lemon to all your drinking water. If you do drink lemon, once per day then drink and gargle pure water afterwards to clean your teeth.

Thai massage in Burwood

If you are doing aerobics, yoga, Pilates or going for a massage in Strathfield we suggest drinking water earlier in the day. All things that are beneficial for our health are best when combined with other healthy practices. 



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