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There are two broad areas of benefit for massage. It can be used to treat a health condition, if we are already ill. Or it can be used to keep us healthy. These areas extend to both the mental and physical. A massage can benefit mental problems like stress, including the stress that might result from a physical aliment. Or it can benefit an already healthy person just be maintaining a good mood. Massage also benefits the immune system, helping prevent or cure physical illnesses.

Uses of Concord Thai Massage

Do massages help pain?

Massage has been studied for several types of pain, including low-back pain, neck and shoulder pain, osteoarthritis knee pain, and headaches. There was some evidence that the massage provided temporary physical relief from the pain, and strong evidence that the recipient of the massage felt better (in a more positive mood) after the massage.

One positive here is that massage should never have any side-effects. Pain relieving medication always carries the risk of side-effects, but massage has almost no risk of this.

Cancer Patients.

Massage can be part of the supportive care for cancer patients. It can help with the pain and anxiety after the patient undergoes other treatments.

Massage therapists often modify their techniques when working with cancer patients, usually applying less pressure.

HIV/AIDS Patients.

Massage seems to improve anxiety, depression and quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients.

Premature Babies

The type of massage applied to infants helps premature babies gain weight. It only applies when the infant is underweight, allowing them to approach normal size. It will not cause a normal child to put on additional weight.


Concord Thai Massage

Massage helps us stay mentally and physically healthy. This allows us live life to the fullest.





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